About Ehime University
1949 to 1955
May 31, 1949

The National School Establishment Law was promulgated, and Ehime University was established as one of the 69 new national universities. The faculties were as follows. (Brackets indicate the schools amalgamated) Faculty of Humanities and Science (Matsuyama National High School)
Faculty of Education (Ehime Prefectural Teacher’s School, Ehime Prefectural Youth Teacher’s School)
Faculty of Engineering (Ehime Prefectural Niihama Technical School)

July 28, 19491949 The first entrance ceremony was held. 599 students were enrolled.
November 11, 1949The ceremony for the establishment of the university was held in the Humanities and Science auditorium.
March 18, 1950Emperor Hirohito visited Ehime University on his visit to Shikoku.
October 13, 1952The Ehime University Institute of Regional Studies was established.
April 1, 1954The Faculty of Agriculture was established with the gradual transfer of the Ehime Prefectural Agricultural University of Matsuyama to national control by academic year. The University Farm (Tarumi) and University Forest (Yokodani) were transferred at the same time.
June 18, 1954The ceremony for the completion and conferral of the Great Hall donated to the university by the Tsuda Scholarship Foundation was held.
1955 to 1972
January 22, 1955The ceremony for the completion of the new Memorial Auditorium was held. It was built in the Johoku area with donations from 88 people from Ehime living in Los Angeles, cooperation from supporters of the Faculty of Education, and a grant from the National Treasury.
April 1, 1956The Ehime University Agricultural High School was established.
April 1, 1958An Engineering major and Agriculture major were established.
October 30, 1961The main building caught fire. The Administrative Office, Student Affairs Division and Faculty of Education Administration Building, and Social Studies Building were completely destroyed.
April 1, 1963An Education major (Music) was established.
August 31, 1963The Faculty of Engineering moved from Niihama to Johoku, Matsuyama.
June 1, 1967The Graduate School of Engineering and Graduate School of Agriculture were established.
All majors apart from the Agriculture major and Civil Engineering major of the Engineering major were discontinued.
April 1, 1968With the reorganization of the Faculty of Humanities and Science, the Faculty of Law and Letters, Faculty of Science, and Faculty of Liberal Arts were established.
With the expansion of the Graduate School of Engineering Civil Engineering major, the Engineering major was discontinued.
April 1, 1969A Health Center was established.
April 1, 1971The Faculty of Science Marine Laboratory was established.
April 1, 1972A Science major was established.
The Faculty of Education Nursing School was established.
1973 to 1988
September 29, 1973The School of Medicine was established. The former Ehime Prefecture Institute of Public Health and Ward 12 of the Matsuyama Red Cross Hospital were provided as interim facilities of the School of Medicine.
November 20, 1974The School of Medicine moved from the interim facilities to Shizugawa, Shigenobu-cho, Onsen-gun.
May 10, 1976The Ehime University Hospital was established.
April 1, 1978The Graduate School of Science was established.
March 31, 1979The Science major was eliminated.
April 1, 1979The Graduate School of Medicine was established.
The curriculum of the Faculty of Law and Letters was reorganized. The Day Course with classes conducted mainly during the day, was established, and Japan’s first Evening Course, with classes conducted mainly in the evening.
The School of Medicine Animal Testing Laboratory was established.
The Institute of Agricultural Environment Control was established.
April 1, 1980The Center for Education and Educational Research was established.
April 1, 1981The Graduate School of Law was established.
July 12, 1982The Information Processing Center was established.
April 1, 1983The School of Medicine Laboratory Equipment Center was established.
April 11, 1984The Instrumental Analysis Center was established.
April 1, 1985The United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences was established (3-year doctoral course).
1989 to the present
April 1, 1989The University Charter, school colors, and flag were established.
November 1, 1989The Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture Special Course for Foreign Students was established in the United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences.
December 25, 1991The Foreign Student Advising Center was established.
April 1, 1992The Graduate School of Engineering doctoral course was established.
April 1, 1993The Education major was eliminated and the Graduate School of Education (master’s course) was established.
The Information Processing Center was replaced by the General Information Processing Center.
With the implementation of the new Education program (integrated undergraduate education), the liberal arts course and specialist course were eliminated.
June 2, 1993The University Practical Education and Research Center was established.
June 24, 1994The Regional Cooperative Research Center was established.
The Ehime University Institute of Regional Studies was eliminated.
March 31, 1996The Faculty of Liberal Arts was eliminated.
April 1, 1996The Graduate School of Science was eliminated.
The Graduate School of Engineering was renamed, and the Graduate School of Science and Engineering was established.
April 1, 1998The Graduate School of Law was replaced by the Graduate School of Law and Letters.
The Graduate School of Medicine was renamed, and the Graduate School of Medicine was established.
The Genetic Testing Laboratory was established.
April 1, 2000The Venture Business Laboratory was established.
April 1, 2001The Geodynamics Research Center was established.
April 1, 2003The Cell-Free Science and Technology Research Center was established.
April 1, 2004Ehime University was incorporated as the National University Corporation Ehime University.
June 1, 2004The Institute for Collaborative Relations was established.
December 1, 2004The Institute for Education and Student Support was established.
April 1, 2006The Advanced Research Support Organization was established.
July 1, 2007The Research Center of Ancient East Asian Iron Culture was established.
November 1, 2007The Research Center for Space and Cosmic Evolution was established.
April 1, 2008The South Ehime Fisheries Research Center was established.
April 1, 2009The Institute for International Relations was established.