Institute for Education and Student Support

Center for General Education

The Center for General Education plays a role in setting the curriculum for general education and in implementing the curriculum, according to our basic philosophy of developing students who have the ability to learn on their own.

English Education Center

This center aims to provide English language training to foster practical skills for communication. Classes are taught by native English-speaking instructors and Japanese teachers.

Admission Center

This center develops systems of selecting entrants and issues publications related to students interested in applying to the university.

Center for Student Affairs

This center is in charge of aiding students in enjoying a safe and fulfilling campus life from the time of enrollment through to graduation.

Center for Teacher Education

This center improves teacher training curriculums and promotes cooperative tie-ups with regional training organizations to ensure teaching training quality.

Office for Educational Planning and Research

This office conducts university-wide surveys and research on educational issues to promote education reform at the university.

Institute for Collaborative Relation

Center for the Promotion of Industry-University Cooperation

This center aims to revitalize academic research by directly grasping the needs of society and providing science and technology to regional industry.

Intellectual Property Center

This center manages IP relating to technology developed by research at the university and its licensing to corporations.

Support Office the Development of Human Resources in Region

Research Center for Regional Community Innovation

This center was established to carry out region-focused research and education to help revitalize the area.

Center of Disaster Management Informatics Research

By combining the natural sciences with disaster management, this center aims to comprehend the realities of natural disasters and create a multidisciplinary field of disaster prevention and mitigation for both the local and wider Asian region.

South Ehime Fisheries Research Center

The South Ehime Fisheries Research Center was established at Ehime University to carry out research into fisheries with the twin aims of promoting advanced research and regional cooperation.

Research Center for High-technology Greenhouse Plant Production

The Research Center for High-Technology Greenhouse Plant Production is carrying out research and development of various leading edge technologies towards establishing solar-heated plant factories, as well as training cultivation managers proficient in these basic technologies.

Paper Industry Innovation Center

This general research and education center has research functions for creating various seeds that will drive the next generation of products in the paper industry. We also have social cooperation functions for providing our research findings to the paper industry. By promoting the commercial application of new technologies and advanced research, we aim to contribute to regional industry.

Regional Cooperation Center in Saijo

Office for Collaborative Relations Planning

The purpose of the Office for Collaborative Relations Planning is to formulate the basic policy and mid to long-term strategy for Ehime University’s social cooperation, to formulate and evaluate annual and mid-term plans, and to promote the academic-industrial cooperation and regional cooperation projects that comprise the collaborative relations of the university.

Institute for Promotion of Science and Technology

Center for Marine Environmental Studies (CMES)

This center has four research divisions based on physics, chemistry, biology, and geology as the basic  fields of the marine science and promotes comprehensive and interdisciplinary researches into the coastal marine environments/ecosystems and global marine pollution.

Geodynamics Research Center (GRC)

Through ultra-high pressure experiments, measurements of physical properties, first-principles calculations, and mantle dynamics simulations, the Geodynamics Research Center (GRC) conducts  cutting-edge researches into the composition, structure, and dynamics of the Earth’s and planetary deep interior.

Proteo-Science Center (PROS)

Understanding life from the viewpoint of Proteo-Science.
This Center was established with an objective of understanding life with the help of cutting-edge wheat-germ cell-free protein synthesis technology. The Center strives to draw upon expertise from different field, conduct cutting-edge research at molecular, cellular, and individual levels, and thereby advance scientific understanding of life and develop novel treatments for innumerous intractable diseases.

Research Center for Asian Archaeology of Industry and Culture

This center conducts a detailed research into the history of iron culture (iron-making, casting and forging) in East Asia to establish its effect on social changes across Asia.

Research Center for Space and Cosmic Evolution (RCSCE)

This center carries out comprehensive research focusing on the evolution of the universe, including  forefront researches and training for scientists in the field of space sciences.

Advanced Research Support Center (ADRES)

Center for Information Technology

The Center for Information Technology (CITE) carries out basic computer training, supports ICT-based academic research in the latest fields, has introduced a new style of education centered on e-Learning, manages security to ensure safe network use, and creates databases of education and research  resources for use at the University and by the region.

Archaeological Research Center (ARC)

The Archeological Research Department facility was set up to conduct archeological research of ruins (buried cultural treasures) in Ehime University and to publicize its findings.

Research Coordination and Technical Development Office

This office offers specialized supports to education and research activities conducted by research centers and facilities under the Advanced Research Promotion Committee of the Institute for Promotion of Science and Technology, with the aim of forming world-class education and research centers.

Academic Planning Office

The Planning Office works together with the Director of the Institute for Promotion of Science and Technology to further interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research at the University and plan university-wide academic projects.

Institute for International Relations

Office of International Planning

The OIP strategically plans international exchanges promoted by Ehime University. This fulfills the university’s stated goal of communicating to the world with students firmly rooted in the region. The idea is to function as a mechanism that will lead the region in developing international links in which the university plays a role. The university’s goal is to be a center for academic exchanges, student exchanges, and international exchange networks.

Center for International Education

The Center for International Education actively strives to develop citizens that have a broad and international view, regardless of their nationality. The Center’s activities are based on the common concepts of experience and communication, and of building an interactive network, and connecting people. Their scope does not end simply at supporting international student’s learning of Japanese language or supporting their lives in Japan. The center is actually extremely multifaceted. It offers support to Japanese students in their educational activities, and sends students overseas. It maintains an on-campus environment for exchanges and supports exchange with the region.

Asia-Africa Center

With the rapidly expanding transition to globalization, environmental problems on a global scale, and problems related to international to peace are occurring at scales and speeds mankind has never experienced. In order to build a society that can sustainably expand into the future even in such difficult times, it is essential to link developing and developed countries to coordinate efforts to solve the various problems. There is a need to develop internationally minded citizens in institutions of higher education that can handle these diversifying and ever-more complex global problems. The Asia-Africa Center seeks to improve Ehime University’s international capabilities by fostering international human resources through the promotion of education and research links in Asia and Africa based on Ehime University’s strategy for internationalization.


Research Center for the Shikoku Henro and Pilgrimages of the World

The Research Center for the Shikoku Henro and Pilgrimages of the World was established in April 2015 as an institution affiliated to the Faculty of Law and Letters, Ehime University. Our center consists of researchers in various disciplines such as history, literature, sociology, philosophy, law, economy, and tourism.
(The aims of our Center are as follows:
1) Investigate the history of the Shikoku Henro and its activities in modern society;
2) Develop comparative studies with pilgrimages of the world;
3) Contribute to local communities through interdisciplinary studies and assist with the movement to get the Shikoku Henro registered as a World Heritage site.)

Center for Education and Educational Research

The Center for Education and Educational Research works with other institutions and the local community to carry out theoretical and empirical research into classroom practice, student guidance, and clinical psychology, with activities towards putting this research into practice.

Medical Education Center

Surgical Training Center

Autopsy imaging Center

Support Center for Nursing Research and Education

Center of Advanced Technology for the Environment(CATE)

Food and Health Sciences Research Center

Innovative Education Center for Science and Technology

This center was organized to ensure students learn to adopt the attitude of learning on their own, and to support them in gaining the knowledge and skills that are required in developing abundant creative development, and to develop highly expansive educational programs through laboratory training for students at the university.

Health Services Center

The Health Services Center supports the students and employees of Ehime University to keep them healthy and active in mind and body.
It delivers knowledge and prevention awareness of diseases by providing health-related information in the form of general education, bulletin boards and news. Through individual health checkups and consultations, we aim to keep all university staffs and students healthy.

Women’s Future Development Center, Ehime University

The center works to promote an environment conducive for women’s research activities, next-generation training, and expansion of the number of women instructors.