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Charter of Ehime University

Ehime University’s greatest mission is to produce human resources with rich humanity who have the ability to learn, think, and practice independently, and who take pride in leading the next generation. In particular, as a regionally based university in an era of accelerating globalization, Ehime University is aware that its primary responsibility is to nurture human resources who will lead the development of the region and contribute to society from a global perspective. Ehime University’s basic philosophy is to create a “student-centered university,” “a university that shines together with the community,” and “a university that connects with the world,” based on relationships of mutual respect and enlightenment.


  1. Ehime University fosters the ability to appropriately apply knowledge and skills, to think and judge logically, to communicate with diverse people, to live as an independent individual, and to live as a member of an organization and society through formal education, semi-formal education, and extra-formal activities.

  2. In the graduate school, students will develop comprehensive judgment based on deep insight into human beings, society, and nature, as well as advanced knowledge and skills in specialized fields.

  3. Ehime University accepts diverse students from Japan and abroad, and provides an educational environment for the development of world-class human resources.

  4. Ehime University supports students so that they can lead a secure and fulfilling university life from admission to graduation and completion, and guarantees independent learning.


  1. Ehime University will promote basic science and develop applied science, and practice academic research for the inheritance, creation, and integration of knowledge.

  2. Ehime University will build a community of knowledge in which students and faculty members share the joy of learning and discovery together, and promote research and human resource development in an integrated manner.

  3. Ehime University will support visionary and original research groups by establishing them as centers of excellence, and promote diverse research ranging from regional issues to the world’s most advanced issues.

contribution to society

  1. Ehime University will contribute to the sustainable development of society by providing local and international communities with the highest level of knowledge and technology in a wide range of fields including industry, culture, and medicine.

  2. Ehime University will produce talented human resources through education and research in cooperation with the local community, and will think and act together with people to solve various problems in society.

University Administration

  1. Ehime University will ensure intellectual exchange based on mutual respect among its members in all venues on campus.

  2. Ehime University shall respect the voluntary and independent activities of its faculty and staff, and shall ensure smooth university administration through collaboration between faculty and staff.

  3. Ehime University will establish clear goals and plans based on a critical analysis of the university’s characteristics and current status, and conduct flexible and strategic university management.