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Education and Student Support Organization

The Organization for Education and Student Support is a comprehensive university-wide organization consisting of five centers (Center for General Education, Center for English Language Education, Admissions Center, Student Support Center, and Center for Teaching and Learning) and one office (Education Planning Office). The faculty and staff of the OIST, who are professionals in education and student support, conduct educational activities, curriculum and program development, faculty and staff training, surveys and research, and student counseling and support activities in cooperation with each faculty, graduate school, and internal organizations.

Center for General Education

Aiming to develop basic bachelor’s degree skills

Center for English Language Education

Aiming to cultivate practical English language skills

Admissions Center

For a smooth connection to higher education

Student Support Center

Aiming to be the best student support in Japan

Center for Teaching and Learning

Supporting systematic learning of the teaching profession and local teacher training

Education Planning Office

Promote educational reform with a sense of unity throughout the university