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Introduction to the Graduate School

The world's most advanced medical and nursing research "from Ehime

In order for medicine, nursing and medical care to progress, it is essential that each member of the medical staff who cares for patients also be a researcher in advanced science. Since the establishment of the Department of Medicine in 1979 and the Department of Nursing in 1998, the Graduate School of Medicine has produced many researchers and continues to disseminate excellent research results to the world.

Major Outline


We train researchers who have a wide range of specialized knowledge and skills and can conduct creative research in the medical and life sciences and their interdisciplinary fields, and academic doctors who have both excellent clinical and research skills and can contribute to improving the standard of medical care in the region.

Nursing Science

Based on the basic philosophy of “producing human resources with rich humanity who have the ability to learn, think, and practice by themselves and the pride to lead the next generation,” as stated in the Ehime University Charter, we will develop human resources to improve the quality of community medicine and nursing care in Ehime Prefecture.

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