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Transferring to another school or department, or taking entrance examinations for other universities (other faculties)

transfer (of a student)

Transfer students will be screened and approved after an examination. Since the selection process for transfer is not always carried out, please inquire at the following reception desk of the faculty you wish to transfer to for more details.

Transferring departments (transferring courses)

If you wish to transfer to another department (course) within your department, please inquire at the following reception desk of your department about whether or not a transfer examination is held and the details of the examination.

Examination for other universities (other faculties)

When applying for admission to another university or another faculty of Waseda University, please pick up an “Application for Admission to Other Universities or Other Faculties” at the reception desk of the faculty you belong to, fill in the required information, and submit it. The approval stamps of your guarantor and academic advisor (e.g., faculty member in charge of student life) are required.

Reception desk

Team in Charge Faculty in charge Phone number Location
Faculty of Law and Letter Desk Faculty of Law and Letters, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences 089-927-9220

Student Service Stations
(Library, 1st floor)

Faculty of Education Desk Faculty of Education, Graduate School of Education 089-927-9377
Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation Desk Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences 089-927-9019
Faculty of Science Desk Faculty of Science, SSC 089-927-9546
Faculty of Engineering Desk Faculty of Engineering, Graduate School of Science and Engineering 089-927-9697
Undergraduate/Graduate Management Team Regional Resilience Interdisciplinary Studies 089-927-9177
School of Medicine, Academic Affairs Division School of Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine
Integrated Medical and Agricultural School of Public Health
089-960-5175 Main Building, School of Medicine
Faculty of Agriculture Administration Division Academic Affairs Faculty of Agriculture, Graduate School of Agriculture 089-946-9806 Main Building, Faculty of Agriculture