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Machinaka University

 Machinaka University is an open lecture series held every other month, inviting lecturers who are active in energizing Ehime’s region and economy. The predecessor of this program was an open lecture for citizens established in November 2004 as “mit Machinaka University” by the former Regional Innovation Research Center. The satellite branch “mit” was opened in the central area of Matsuyama City, where lectures for citizens were held by faculty members of the Faculty of Law and Literature and others, selecting topical themes closely related to daily life. Currently, the program has been renewed as “Machinaka University,” a project sponsored by the newly established Ehime University Center for Regional Co-Creation Research in April 2019, and talk seminars are held at various venues that suit the theme. The seminars are planned and conducted on a variety of topical themes such as “Micro Roaster in Ehime,” “Sake and Culture Utilizing Matsuyama Mitsui,” “Craft Beer,” and “Local Ondo,” as well as on topics of high interest to participants such as “Rebuilding from the Heavy Rain Disaster in Nanyo” and “Renovation of Old Private Houses. Participation is basically free of charge (actual expenses for materials, food and beverages may be required, so please check each time). We look forward to your participation.