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Safetylink24 (safety confirmation system)

Safetylink24 (safety confirmation system)

The University has introduced Safetylink24 (safety confirmation system) to quickly confirm the safety of students, faculty and staff in the event of disasters such as major earthquakes and the torrential rains that have been occurring frequently in recent years.

Under this system, when the JMA detects an earthquake of intensity 5 or higher on the Japanese seismic scale in Ehime Prefecture, a safety confirmation e-mail is automatically sent to the e-mail address registered in advance.
In the event of an earthquake, please give top priority to protecting yourself and register your safety information on “Safetylink24”.
For safety confirmation emails, the email address assigned by the university is already registered, and notifications can be sent to other pre-registered email addresses (up to 6) and smartphone applications.


First, log in and change your password!

initialization Both personal ID and password are “student ID number (8 digits)”.

Log in with the app

Log in with browser

Registration Guide

Family Sharing

You can share safety information among family members!

Not only the student himself/herself, but also up to six family members can be registered in the system.

By logging in with the family password set by each member, safety information can be checked only among family members. We especially encourage those of you who live away from your parents to register your family members’ e-mail addresses and make use of this service.

(By registering the name of the prefecture in which a family member lives, a safety confirmation e-mail will be sent to that family member in the event of an earthquake of intensity 5 or higher on the Japanese seismic intensity scale in that prefecture).

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