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About the Quarter System

Purpose of introducing the quarter system

Ehime University introduced the “quarter system” in FY2016 to improve educational effects by enabling students to study more intensively and to bring out their active learning attitudes, to facilitate short-term study abroad and internships in Japan and overseas for 2 to 3 months, to develop flexible educational activities, and to improve international mobility. The “Quarter System” has been introduced (Common Education, Faculty of Law and Letters, Faculty of Social Co-creation, and part of the Faculty of Science and Faculty of Engineering).

Overview of the Quarter System

The quarter system at the University is a variant of the semester system, in which the year is divided into two semesters, the first semester and the second semester, and credits are awarded for each semester. September at the end of the first semester and March at the end of the second semester.

Schedule of Classes and Quarter Periods

2024 Quarter Period

semester quarter Period
first semester 1st Quarter Monday, April 1 – Tuesday, June 11
2nd Quarter Wednesday, June 12 – Monday, September 23
second semester 3rd Quarter Tuesday, September 24 – Monday, December 2
4th Quarter Tuesday, December 3 – Monday, March 31