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Recruitment of Ehime University Staff

Required staff image

The organization that TUAT should aim for is one in which individual staff members can maximize their abilities, which will be combined to form the collective strength of the entire organization and achieve the basic goals of “education,” “research,” and “social contribution” set forth in the University Charter. Based on the above, we have established the following image of the kind of employee we are looking for at the University, and will develop human resources capable of contributing to the achievement of these goals.

Staff trusted by students and the community

As we aim to be a “student-centered university” and “a university that shines together with the community,” it is necessary for our employees to always stand on the same footing as students and local residents, and to promote university development through cooperation and collaboration. Employees who take the lead in “student support” and “contribution to the community” are required to have social common sense and high ethical standards to serve as role models for students and local residents.

Employees who understand the characteristics of the university and can act based on an objective analysis of the current situation.

Understanding the characteristics of a university is fundamental to being a member of an organization, and is used in various aspects of daily operations and is also a prerequisite for “objective analysis” when promoting new operations. Theoretical thinking, which consists of grasping and understanding the current situation, analysis, problem discovery, planning, and problem solving, will lead to reform not only of one’s own work but also of the entire organization through constant awareness of problems in one’s work, and through ingenuity and improvement.

Staff who can set goals and plans from a long-term perspective and take initiative and proactive action

We will set goals and plans from a broad perspective, taking a long-term view of changes in the social environment surrounding the university and the future management of the university, and tackle new issues proactively, while at the same time maintaining a “professionalism” as university employees, a “cost consciousness” to strive for maximum effectiveness with minimum expenses, and a “sense of responsibility” to be aware of our roles and responsibilities. By acting voluntarily and proactively with a “sense of ownership,” flexible and strategic university management becomes possible.

Recruiting Methods

Ehime University Staff Recruitment Examination

Ehime University has been recruiting administrative staff through the Chugoku-Shikoku Region National University Corporation Staff Recruitment Examination (hereinafter referred to as the “Unified Examination”), but starting in 2022, Ehime University will conduct its own recruitment examination (original examination) based on the Unified Examination.
However, in order to ensure the fairness of the opportunity to take the examination, applicants for the independent examination are required to take the second examination administered by the University (the “Second Examination”), even if they pass the first examination of the standardized test. The applicant will not be allowed to take the examination administered by the University for the purpose of employment at the University.
For those who are eligible to take both the standardized and independent examinations, we ask that you give careful consideration to whether you wish to take the standardized or independent examination.

About Unified Examinations

The first examination will be conducted by the National University Recruitment Examination, and the second examination will be conducted by the University, including an interview. The following is a summary of the examination conducted in fiscal year 2021. It will be updated in mid-June 2022.

There is no initial screening for categories other than clerical work.

About Independent Examinations

No entrance examination will be conducted, but screening of documents, presentation, and interview will be conducted.

Ehime University Recruitment Examination for Administrative Staff [Original Examination] Application Guidelines(PDF file 191KB)

Working Conditions and Benefits

Working hours, etc.

office (business, working) hours 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. (7 hours and 45 minutes actual work)
*This may differ depending on the type of job and location.
holiday Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays (12/29 – 1/3)
*This may differ depending on the type of job and location.
duty station Matsuyama City, Toon City
Vacation, etc. Annual paid leave, maternity leave, nursing care leave, refreshment leave, child care leave, marriage leave, sick leave, etc.
Simultaneous summer holidays (during the Bon Festival), childcare leave, shortened working hours for childcare, nursing care leave, etc.

wage system

salary Starting salary of approximately 180,000-240,000 yen (to be determined based on education and pre-employment work history).
*These are current as of April 1, 2021. This may be subject to change in the future due to revision of employment regulations.
various allowances Dependent allowance, housing allowance, commuting allowance, overtime allowance, etc.
salary raise Salary increases are based on work performance during the year.
Year-end allowance and diligence allowance Twice a year (June and December)

welfare programme

Health insurance, pension, etc. The company has insurance equivalent to social insurance (pension and health insurance) (Mutual Aid Association of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology), unemployment insurance, and workers’ accident compensation insurance.
Campus Facilities On-campus sports facilities such as gymnasiums, tennis courts, playing fields, and swimming pools are available for use during lunch breaks, after office hours, and on holidays.
lodging house Single and household accommodations are available.

work-life balance

nursery school A daycare center exclusively for faculty and staff is located on the grounds of the Johoku and Shigenobu campuses.
Emika Kids (Johoku Campus), Aiai Kids (Shigenobu Campus)
In addition, we are promoting other environmental improvements to support a balance between work and family life, such as the operation of on-campus childcare services.

Initiatives to Create a Diversity Research Environment

Career Support Program for Young Researchers

This is a system to assign research assistants to young researchers (female and male researchers who are burdened with childbirth and childcare) for the purpose of maintaining and promoting their research activities and providing career support.

Researcher Support Staff System

This is a system to assign a research assistant to the researcher or to the laboratory to which the researcher belongs in case the researcher’s research activities are interfered with due to childbirth, childcare, medical treatment for illness or injury, nursing care, or administrative work.

Dual Career Support System

In cases where a faculty member’s partner is a researcher and lives separately from the faculty member, this program allows the faculty member to be employed as a researcher at the University so that the said researcher can conduct research activities for a certain period of time.

child-rearing facility

Two locations have been established: “Emika Kids” (Johoku Campus) and “Aiai Kids” (Shigenobu Campus, Faculty of Medicine Hospital Childcare Facility). Aiai Kids” also offers a childcare system for sick children.

Ehime University Johoku Nursery School
Emika Kids
Shigenobu Campus Medical School Hospital Childcare Facility
Ai Ai Kids

staff quarters

 (2) “Quarters” means a residential house, etc. established by a juridical person to house its officers and employees and persons whose livelihood depends primarily on the income of the juridical person.
The procedures and details are as follows


Higashinagato dormitory (fee required)

address (e.g. of house) 3-1, Higashinagato 4-chome, Matsuyama 791-8005, Japan
Year and month of construction Buildings 1 and 2: February 1970 Building 3: February 1972 Building 4: February 1973 Building 5: June 1974
Number of buildings/units 4 buildings, 100 units
Equipment and environment Water supply, sewerage, city gas, flush toilets

Shigenobu Lodging (fee required)

address (e.g. of house) Shizugawa, Toon City, 791-0204
Year and month of construction Buildings 1 and 2: November 1975
Number of buildings/units 2 buildings, 60 units
Equipment and environment Water supply, sewerage, LP gas, flush toilets

Nurses’ dormitory (free of charge)

address (e.g. of house) Shizugawa, Toon City, 791-0204
Year and month of construction Building 1: March 1976 / Building 2: February 1977 / Building 3: March 1978
Number of buildings/units 3 buildings, 115 units
Equipment and environment Water supply, sewerage, LP gas, flush toilets

Unit (yen)/month



47.52 sq.m.

43.84 sq.m.

47.92 sq.m.

56.23 sq.m.

63.36 sq.m.

Higashinagato Lodging






Shigenobu Lodge



<Floor Plan
b-43.84㎡: 4.5 tatami – 2 rooms / 6 tatami – 1 room / kitchen
b-47.92 m2: 4.5 tatami – 1 room / 6 tatami – 2 rooms / kitchen
c-56.23m2: 4.5 tatami – 1 room / 6 tatami – 2 rooms / kitchen / living room
c-63.36m2: 4.5 tatami – 1 room / 6 tatami – 2 rooms / kitchen / living room

W: Wooden RC: Reinforced concrete or steel-framed concrete

Parking fee

Matsuyama City

3,950 yen/month

(Higashinagato, Kita-Yoshii)

Toon City

3,275 yen/month



You can download the application form.
Click on the button for the required application file. Excel and PDF formats are available. To view and print the downloaded files, you will need software that can view and print files in the respective formats. If you do not have software that can view and print Excel format files
Download Excel Viewer If you do not have software that can view and print files in PDF format
Download Adobe Reader

Application form for moving into the dormitory (Attachment No. 1 form)

Application Form for Renting Accommodation (Attachment No. 2 Form)

Application Form for Lending Accommodation (Storage Place for Automobile) (Attachment No. 3 Form)

Application form for living together in a dormitory (Appendix No. 4 form)

Application for Extension of Accommodation Move-in Deadline (Attachment No. 5 Form)

Application form for redecoration of accommodations (Appendix 6-1 form)

Notification of long-term absence from accommodation (Form 6-2)

Accommodation Surrender Notification (Attachment No. 7 Form)

Application for Deferment of Surrender of Accommodation (Form No. 8 attached)

Application for Reduction of Accommodation Damage Compensation (Form No. 9 attached)

The personal information provided in the application form, etc., will be used only for the purpose of carrying out the procedures necessary to make the decision to move into the staff housing, and will not be used or provided for any other purpose.