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Important Notice

Introduction to the Graduate School

Global perspective, practiced from the local area.

Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences (Master's Program), as a hub graduate school for the humanities in the Ehime region, fosters individuals with advanced expertise and the ability to conduct research and lead to solutions for issues facing local communities.

Major Outline

Department of Law and Letters

The Department of Legal Literature studies universal theories of research areas in law, political science, or the humanities, and cultivates highly versatile research skills based on the ability to think from a bird’s eye view.

The Department of Law and Letters offers courses in Law and Humanities. Law and Humanities are academic fields that explore the values that support our society and the roles and functions that underlie them. Law, which fosters a legal mindset that is attuned to practical issues and issues of practice based on mastery of legal theory and skills, and humanities, which fosters the ability to look deeply into culture and society based on cultivation of literacy in theory, fieldwork, and language skills in each research area, are generally characterized as academic disciplines that foster proficiency in grand theories and the ability to carry out research. Humanities is characterized by the academic characteristic of cultivating the ability to acquire the ability to carry out research based on a mastery of grand theories.

Industrial Systems Innovation

The Department of Industrial Systems Innovation cultivates highly specialized and cross-disciplinary knowledge in the management of the economy, management, environment, and resources in industrial systems, and fosters human resources with the analytical skills and problem analysis capabilities essential in an information society. The program cultivates human resources who can lead the creation of new value and sustainable growth of industrial systems by acquiring research and practical skills through project research and other activities.

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