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Ehime University’s VISION

Basic Philosophy
 We will create a “student-centered university,” “a university that shines together with the community,” and “a university that connects with the world.
Vision: The
 Develop educational, research, and social activities that lead the region and contribute to society from a global perspective.


(1) In addition to the medium- and long-term challenges of declining birthrates, aging populations, and escalating global environmental problems, the entire university will work together to address the new challenges of restructuring values and social systems in a with-corona society.

(2) Promote diversity as an organization, recognizing that universities also need to transform their functions and social roles along with changes in society.

(3) Contribute to building a sustainable and resilient community by making it multifunctional as a “center of knowledge in the region” for all generations.

Student Support

Producing human resources who are independent and collaborative, and who will pioneer the future.

 Strengthen the system to enable students to acquire the general competencies indicated in the “Competencies of Ai University” and the competencies to be acquired in specialized fields, and produce independent human resources who have ambitions and are able to pave the way for the future.
 Provide individually optimized education for students who enter the school with various objectives, utilizing digital technology, which is progressing toward the diversification of work styles.


“Promoting distinctive, next-generation, cutting-edge research through academic diversity and creativity.”

 ◆ Strengthening groups of researchers, supporting young researchers and promoting diversification of research human resources, and supporting distinctive cutting-edge research to address diverse issues from basic to applied, regional to global, and create new social value through research
 Support innovative research from a medium- to long-term perspective that could lead the University into the next generation

contribution to society

“Realization of a sustainable co-created society through regional x industrial innovation.”

 To substantiate and develop the regional network with industry, government, academia, finance, and the private sector that was established during the third mid-term goal period, and to attract human and financial investment from the region by utilizing the intellectual property we possess.
 Contribute to the realization of a sustainable, co-creative regional society through a variety of activities, including participation in regional industrial innovation in response to changing social needs, and reevaluation and dissemination of regional culture.

international contribution

“Expanding Global Interfaces for a New Era of Connecting the Region to the World.”

 Promoting the globalization of education and research by connecting universities, institutions, and other organizations around the world and expanding and strengthening international partnerships through the use of digital technology
 Foster internationally-minded individuals who are receptive to and understand diverse cultures, and improve the international mobility of our members.

organizational management

Promoting a diverse organization with an eye toward the future.”

 Establish a strong governance structure under the strong leadership of the president to maximize the strengths and characteristics of the university, support the diverse activities of faculty and staff, and respond to the trust of society
 Secure excellent and diverse human resources (female faculty and administrators, young faculty members, and non-Japanese faculty members) by strengthening personnel and salary management in order to revitalize the university’s education and research administrative functions and build a foundation for sustainable development.
 Establish an education and research environment that will become a center of “co-creation” where creative activities are developed together with diverse stakeholders as a center for the accumulation of knowledge and human resources
 Maintain and improve financial soundness by promoting diversification of financial resources, and optimize the allocation of resources within the university.
 Under the philosophy of “a hospital that learns from its patients and gives back to them,” we train aspiring medical professionals, provide safe, high-quality medical care, conduct research and development for the advancement of medical care, and contribute to community healthcare through education, medical care, and research.