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Contact List

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Main Organizations Phone number Inquiry details
General Information 089-927-9000
10-13 Dogohimata, Matsuyama, 790-8577, Japan
Ehime University Foundation Office 089-927-8346
Research Support Division Research Support Section 089-927-8958
general affairs department (bureau) general affairs section 089-927-9013

Disclosure of Corporate Documents and Personal Information

Application for the use of the name of sponsor or co-sponsor

Evaluation and IR Section 089-927-9029
personnel section 089-927-9033 Application for Issuance of Withholding Tax Certificate (for retired employees )
finance department Financial Planning Section 089-927-9053
089-927-9073 Tuition, admission fee, examination fee, etc.
Facilities Infrastructure Department Facilities Planning Division 089-927-9101 Inquiries about public procurement (construction work, design consultancy services)
Facilities Maintenance Division 089-927-9101
Safety and Environment Division 089-927-8702
audit office 089-927-9018
Office of Buried Cultural Properties Research 089-927-9127
Management Information Analysis Office 089-927-9029
staff hall 089-922-0244
3, Bunkyo-cho, Matsuyama, 790-8577, Japan
general affairs department (bureau) Office of Work Environment Promotion 089-927-9036
public relations department (section, office) 089-927-9022
finance department Accounting and Procurement Section 089-927-8880 Inquiries about public procurement (related to goods, services, etc.)
Education and Student Support Division Educational Planning Division 089-927-9152
Ability Development Office 089-927-8900
Educational Support Section 089-927-9151
Student Life Support Division 089-927-8970 About Student Life
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admissions office 089-927-9172 Admissions Information
(general entrance examinations, high school-university cooperative activities, open campuses, college information sessions, etc.)
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Employment Support Section 089-927-9164
Research Support Division Research Support Section
Research Center Team 3
089-927-8284 About the Proteoscience Center
Social Cooperation Support Department Social Cooperation Division 089-927-8963
International Cooperation Support Department International Cooperation Division 089-927-9162
Administration Division, Faculty of Law and Letters General Affairs Team 089-927-9203
Administrative Division, Faculty of Education General Affairs Team 089-927-9371
Administrative Division, Faculty of Social and Creative Studies General Affairs Team 089-927-8177
Administrative Division, Faculty of Engineering General Affairs Team 089-927-9676
Center for General Education 089-927-8910
Center for English Language Education 089-927-8340
Admissions Center 089-927-9172
Student Support Center 089-927-8970
Education Planning Office 089-927-8922
Intellectual Property Center 089-927-8956
Industry-University Collaboration Promotion Center 089-927-8819

Academic Joint Research
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Regional Co-Creation Research Center 089-927-8974
Disaster Prevention Information Research Center 089-927-8142
Proteoscience Center
Johoku Station
Research Center for Ancient Industrial Archaeology in Asia 089-927-8391
Information and Media Center 089-927-8803
CSIRT (Information Security Response Team) 089-927-8803 For information security incidents
Emergency Response
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International Collaboration Planning Office, Center for International Education Support, Center for Asian and African Exchange 089-927-9162
Library Affairs Section General Affairs Team 089-927-8835
museum 089-927-8293 About the Museum
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Center for Experimental and Practical Education 089-927-9676
Comprehensive Health Center 089-927-9193 reception (desk)
Johoku District Guard Room 089-927-9140
2-5, Bunkyo-cho, Matsuyama, 790-8577, Japan
Administrative Division, Faculty of Science General Affairs Team 089-927-9541
Center for Coastal Environmental Sciences 089-927-8164
Research Center for Deep Earth Dynamics 089-927-8165
Space Evolution Research Center 089-927-8430
Material Science Division, Academic Support Center 089-927-9661
Shizugawa, Toon City, 791-0295
School of Medicine・Graduate School of Medicine 089-964-5111 ( switchboard)
affiliated hospital 089-964-5111 ( switchboard)
Proteoscience Center
Shigenobu Station
Academic Support Center, Division of Animal Experimentation 089-960-5446
Academic Support Center, Division of Pathophysiology and Functional Analysis 089-960-5460
Library, Medical Branch 089-960-5480
3-5-7, Tarumi 3-chome, Matsuyama, 790-8566, Japan
Administrative Division, Faculty of Agriculture General Affairs Team 089-946-9803
United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences 089-946-9910
Center for Advanced Environmental Technology 089-946-9970
Plant Factory Research Center 089-946-9805
Academic Support Center, Gene Analysis Division 089-946-9757
Library, Faculty of Agriculture Branch 089-946-9914
Environmental Industry Research Facility (Miura Memorial Hall) 089-946-9970
Eucalyptus Hall 089-948-1806
3-2-40 Tarumi, Matsuyama City, Matsuyama Prefecture, 790-8566, Japan
an attached high school 089-946-9911
1-5-22 Mochida-cho, Matsuyama City, Matsuyama Prefecture, 790-0855, Japan
an attached elementary school 089-913-7861
an attached junior high school 089-913-7841
Special Needs School 089-913-7891
attached kindergarten 089-913-7857
498 Yatanjikou, Matsuyama, 799-2424, Japan
attached farm 089-993-1636( switchboard)
145-2, Oino-cho, Oino-machi, Matsuyama, 791-0134, Japan
Annexed Experimental Forest 089-977-5932
40 Takago-cho, Matsuyama City, Matsuyama Prefecture, 790-0925, Japan
International House 089-976-1203
223, Tsudayama Otsu, Hokusaiin-cho, Matsuyama, 791-8031, Japan
Daily Life Training Facility for Special Needs Schools 089-952-9092