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Global COE Program

The “Global COE Program” was established based on the Central Council for Education’s September 2005 report, “Graduate School Education in the New Era: Toward the Construction of Internationally Attractive Graduate School Education,” and the “Basic Plan for Science and Technology” approved by the Cabinet in March 2006. The purpose of this program is to further enhance and strengthen the education and research functions of graduate schools and promote the creation of internationally competitive universities by intensively supporting the formation of internationally outstanding education and research centers in order to foster world-leading creative human resources based on the world’s highest level research infrastructure.

Center for Deep Earth Materials Science with Advanced Experiments and Theories

Based on the experimental field of the Deep Earth Dynamics Research Center (GRC), which has unique ultrahigh pressure technology and the world’s highest pressure and temperature technology for precise measurement of elastic wave velocity, and the world-leading theoretical field centered on first-principles calculations, we will form an advanced education and research center for deep Earth materials science covering the entire region of the Earth down to the inner core. The following is a brief summary of the results of the study. In addition, we will promote interdisciplinary education and research in the application of neutrons and synchrotron radiation to ultrahigh-pressure experiments, development of new high-pressure devices, and synthesis of new materials.

In addition to the development of these innovative technologies, we will conduct cutting-edge research projects with the keywords “core materials,” “lower mantle,” and “deep Earth water,” while fostering human resources. In addition, we aim to create a world-leading education and research center in Asia by utilizing the network of 8 overseas institutions with which the GRC has academic agreements and 40 domestic and overseas research institutions.

Education and Research Center for Environmental Science of Chemical Substances

The Ehime University Center of Education and Research for Environmental Science of Chemical Substances will be established in collaboration with the Ehime University Education and Research Center for Environmental Science of Chemical Substances (ESRC), which is a valuable educational and research infrastructure that has been developed and fostered through Ehime University’s activities over the years and the 21st Century COE Program, including the Young Researcher Development Program, the Biological and Environmental Sample Bank (esBANK,” “Asian Network of Environmental Researchers,” and “Network of Overseas Academic Exchange and Research Institutes” will be further enhanced and utilized to promote education and research in environmental science related to chemical pollution. The goal is to form a research center, i.e., a center of knowledge with the intention of making environmental chemistry interdisciplinary.