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international exchange

International Exchange on Campus

Education and support for Japanese students and education and support for international students are two sides of the same coin. To create an environment and facilities where international and Japanese students can work and talk together, and where they can concentrate on their studies, we support the study and living environment for international students through the Japanese language study support volunteer program (J-SUPPORT) and international coordinator of exchange (ICO).

Volunteer for Japanese Language Learning Support (J-support)

J-support,” a volunteer group that provides support for Japanese classes for international students, consists mainly of Japanese students at the university. Every year, we receive registrations from inside and outside of the university. The main purpose of J-support is to promote cross-cultural exchange between Japanese and international students through Japanese language support for international students, and to expand the circle of support for international students both inside and outside of the university. In addition to language and daily life support, the program also provides logistical support for events hosted by the Organization for the Promotion of International Collaboration.

International Coordinator (ICO)

The International Exchange Coordinator, one of Ehime University’s Student Campus Volunteers, is a group of student volunteers who have come together with the desire to engage in international exchange and make friends with international students. The coordinators are working to build bridges by providing opportunities for international and Japanese students to interact with each other.

International Exchange Activities in the Community

Interaction with the local community is important not only for studying but also for enjoying life in Japan. The Organization for Promotion of International Collaboration sends international students to local elementary and junior high schools to talk about the language and culture of the students’ home countries, including school visits and home stays.

Japanese Speech Contest for International Students

The contest is held annually under the auspices of the Ehime Prefecture Council for the Promotion of International Student Exchange, and the Organization for the Promotion of International Collaboration plans and operates the contest. The purpose of the contest is to provide an opportunity for foreign students from universities, colleges of technology, and other institutions in Ehime Prefecture to gather together, present the results of their daily studies, and deepen the understanding of foreign students in the local community. Every year, the contest is broadcast live on Nankai Broadcasting System Radio.