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Other Organizations

Shikoku Area National Universities Union Admission Center

Currently, various national universities are conducting various entrance examinations, and the Center is working with five national universities in the Shikoku region (the University of Tokushima, Naruto University of Education, Kagawa University, Ehime University, and Kochi University) to reform the admission process.
Since the Center was established in 2013, we have demonstrated the effectiveness of our collaboration in public relations for entrance examinations, improvement of selection methods, and joint operation of the Internet application website. In particular, with regard to the improvement of selection methods, we are in the process of spreading the use of a multifaceted and comprehensive selection process that evaluates applicants’ daily learning outcomes and activity efforts.
The Center will continue to enhance its activities with the aim that these entrance examinations will help improve high school-university connections.

Data Science Center

Purpose of installation

The Center aims to “develop human resources who have the ability to utilize mathematics, data science, and AI to create new added value and services,” “implement and utilize mathematics, data science, and AI in academic research, local industry, and various other settings,” and “develop these in an organic and continuous manner. This was established in April 2020 with the aim of improving the University’s education and research capabilities and promoting regional revitalization. It aims to become a platform for promoting education, research, and social collaboration related to data science in collaboration with universities, research institutions, and companies and local governments in Japan and abroad that aim to utilize data.

Basic Philosophy of Activities

  1. The entire university will be involved in this activity, taking into account that data utilization forms the basis for all fields and domains.
  2. Establish a system that allows for flexible revision and abolition of missions and mission teams, and respond quickly to changes in the times.
  3. Emphasize the collaborative nature of the people and organizations involved in the activities, both inside and outside the university, utilizing their respective expertise.

Women’s Future Development Center

The Center for Women’s Future Development, as a subordinate organization of the Diversity Promotion Headquarters, is engaged in raising awareness and improving the environment for the promotion of diversity, gender equality, and women’s activities, career support for female researchers, fostering the next generation, and disseminating information.

audit office

The University has established an “Audit Office” under the direct control of the President. The purpose of the internal audit conducted by the Audit Office is to contribute to the development of the corporation by reviewing and evaluating the execution of various administrative activities of the corporation from the viewpoint of legality and appropriateness from a fair and objective standpoint, providing information based on the results, and offering advice and recommendations for improvement and rationalization, thereby improving and revitalizing the efficiency of operations. The purpose of the committee is to
Audits are conducted in cooperation with the auditors and the accounting auditor.

affiliated hospital