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Medical and Nursing Education that is Close to Patients' Hearts and Minds

Since its establishment in 1973, the School of Medicine has nurtured individuals who have acquired knowledge and skills in medicine and nursing, as well as a sensitivity to humanity, broad education, and a deep awareness of bioethics and the dignity of life, based on the philosophy of "education, research, and medical care that learns from and gives back to patients". We also strive to nurture medical professionals who can contribute to advanced medicine, nursing, and welfare by paying attention to the social issues behind patients. Graduates of the Department of Medicine and Nursing are now active as core medical professionals who support medical care in local communities.

Department Overview

Faculty of Medicine

The Department of Medicine maintains its own education and research system in the fields of basic medicine and clinical medicine, while working in close cooperation beyond the boundaries of the two fields. In addition, the Department of Medicine is also engaged in educational activities on ethics in medicine and medical care, as well as pioneering cutting-edge medical care. The educational program for new students is one of the most distinctive features of this program. In addition, we also focus on education in cooperation with multiple professions through joint classes with the Department of Nursing and other universities.

Faculty of Nursing

Through four years of university life, students will acquire the skills necessary to become “future nursing leaders” who can lead nursing that supports people’s lives in the community. To this end, students will learn about nursing that supports the lives of people with various health issues in the community, starting with experiences of visiting people and places where they live in the community and observing nursing that supports people’s lives, using health and medical care in mountainous regions and remote islands in the prefecture as their subjects.

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