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Organization for Promotion of Social Collaboration

The centers of the Organization for the Promotion of Social Collaboration, as a university rooted in the community, strive to develop human resources who will be useful to the community and who will lead the development of the community, and through this organization, they also strive to develop the results of Ehime University’s knowledge in all areas, including policy, administration, culture, history, town development, education, and medicine, as well as revitalizing local industries. We are engaged in a variety of activities that give back to society and contribute to the development of local communities.

Industry-University Collaboration Promotion Center

I want to be a bridge between the local community and Ehime University.

Intellectual Property Center

Giving Shape to the Creation of Knowledge

Support Center for Regional Professional Human Resource Development and Recurrent Education

Contribution to the community through local professional human resource development and recurrent education

Disaster Prevention Information Research Center

Integration of Natural Science and Disaster Prevention Technology

Nanyo Fisheries Research Center

Contributing to the local and Japanese fishing industry

Plant Factory Research Center

Base for regional agricultural promotion

Paper Industry Innovation Center

Responding to the needs of the paper industry

Community Collaboration Center Saijo

Taking on the Challenge of “Regional Creation” with Local Stakeholders

Community Collaboration Center Nanyo

Public-private-academic collaboration to revitalize the Nanyo region!

Regional Collaboration Center Chuyo

Developing “Community Collaboration” as a hybrid collaborative activity center with the main campus

Regional Co-Creation Research Center

Researching and practicing regional development through a fusion of the humanities and sciences

Shikoku Pilgrimage and World Pilgrimage Research Center

From Shikoku to the World

Center for the Study of Haiku and Calligraphy Culture

For the promotion of local haiku and calligraphy culture

Social Collaboration Planning Office

Promote and strengthen social cooperation