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Introduction to the Graduate School

Explore education and further develop practical skills

The Graduate School of Education consists of two majors: the Department of Advanced Educational Practice (Graduate School of Teaching) and the Department of Clinical Psychology and Development. Through collaboration with the field of education, the Graduate School of Education aims to develop human resources with advanced knowledge and skills in education and specialized fields, and with more advanced practical educational skills who can strongly face contemporary educational issues.

Major Outline

Department of Advanced Education Practice (Graduate School of Teaching)

The Department of Advanced Educational Practice in the Graduate School of Education will serve as a center for educational research reform in Ehime Prefecture, fostering highly specialized professionals, promoting advanced research and development, and contributing to the revitalization of the region. The four courses to be established are the Leadership Development Course, Educational Practice Development Course, Subject Area Course, and Special Support Education Course.

Clinical Psychology and Development

The basic philosophy of the Department of Clinical Psychology and Development is to contribute to the community by training individuals who are qualified as licensed psychologists and clinical psychologists, and who are able to work as professional staff (school counselors, etc.) with a high level of specialized knowledge and skills in the field of clinical psychological support. The program aims to nurture highly specialized professionals with advanced practical skills who are clearly aware of the needs of society with regard to mental health and their own learning and research issues, and who take the lead in learning and research while reflecting on their own practice.

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