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College counseling sessions

Ehime University holds college counseling sessions in which faculty members in charge of entrance examinations visit each region to provide assistance at individual booths. Please take advantage of this opportunity.

Schedule for the 2022 College Entrance Counseling Session

 The schedule for participation in this year’s college counseling sessions is as follows. Please note that the schedule may be subject to change due to an outbreak of infectious diseases or other circumstances. In such cases, we will update the information as necessary.

dateprefecturesmunicipalitiesVenueOpening Hoursorganizer
Tuesday, May 24Ehime Matsuyama CityMatsuyama City General Community Center16:00-18:30Sanpo
Wednesday, May 25Hiroshima Kure Cityview port Kure.
(Kure Seamen’s Hall)
15:30-18:00Eibi Tsushin
Thursday, May 26OkayamaOkayama CityOkayama Convention Center15:30-19:00Eibi Tsushin
Monday, May 30HyogoHimeji CityHotel Nikko Himeji15:30-18:30Eibi Tsushin
Thursday, June 2Ehime Matsuyama CityMatsuyama City General Community Center15:45-18:30Dricom Japan
Tuesday, June 7Aichi Nagoya CityWink Aichi
(Aichi Industrial and Labor Center)
15:30-18:30Eibi Tsushin
June 8 (Wed.)Hiroshima Hiroshima CityMotomachi Credo15:30-18:30Eibi Tsushin
Thursday, June 9KagawaTakamatsu CityTakamatsu City General Gymnasiumundecidedmynavi
Thursday, June 9Ehime Niihama CityRihga Royal Hotel Niihama15:30-18:00Eibi Tsushin
Friday, June 10TokushimaTokushima CityAwagin Hall
(Tokushima Prefecture Local Culture Hall)
15:30-18:30Eibi Tsushin
Saturday, June 11OsakaOsaka CityUmeda Sky Building Tower West12:00~16:00Eibi Tsushin
Tuesday, June 14Kouchi Kochi CityThe Crown Palace New Hankyu Kochi15:30-18:30Eibi Tsushin
June 15 (Wed.)Ehime Matsuyama CityMatsuyama City General Community Center
15:30-18:30Eibi Tsushin
July 25 (Monday)KagawaTakamatsu CityTakamatsu Preparatory School9:00~14:30Takamatsu Preparatory School
Saturday, July 30Hiroshima Hiroshima CityHiroshima International Conference Center10:00-16:00University Information Center
September 14 (Wed.)Kouchi Kochi CityThe Crown Palace New Hankyu Kochi16:00-18:30Eibi Tsushin
Thursday, September 15Ehime Imabari CityImabari International Hotel16:00-18:30Eibi Tsushin
Friday, September 16Ehime Uwajima Citysublime hole15:30-18:00Eibi Tsushin
September 19 (Monday)OkayamaOkayama CityOkayama Convention CenterundecidedKagawa University
September 21 (Wed.)Hiroshima Hiroshima CityMotomachi Credo15:30-18:30Eibi Tsushin
Tuesday, September 27Ehime Matsuyama CityMatsuyama City General Community Center
Exhibition Hall
16:00-18:30Eibi Tsushin
Wednesday, September 28KagawaTakamatsu CityRexxam Hall
(Kagawa Prefectural Hall)
16:00-18:30Eibi Tsushin
November 9 (Wed.)Ehime Matsuyama CityMatsuyama City General Community Center
Exhibition Hall
16:00-18:30Eibi Tsushin
Friday, November 11Hiroshima Fukuyama CityFukuyama New Castle Hotel16:00-18:30Eibi Tsushin
November 14 (Monday)OkayamaOkayama CityOkayama Convention Center16:00-18:30Eibi Tsushin
Ended Venue
dateprefecturesmunicipalitiesVenueOpening Hoursorganizer
Tuesday, April 19Kouchi Kochi CityKochi Castle Hall15:45-18:00Dricom Japan
April 20 (Wed.)Ehime Matsuyama CityMatsuyama City General Community Center
Exhibition Hall
15:45-18:00Dricom Japan
April 21 (Thursday)TokushimaTokushima CityAwagin Hall15:45-18:30Dricom Japan
Friday, April 22KagawaTakamatsu CityRexam Hall
(Kagawa Prefectural Hall)
15:45-18:00Dricom Japan
Tuesday, April 26OkayamaOkayama CityOkayama Convention Center15:45-18:00Dricom Japan
Tuesday, April 26EhimeUwajima Citysublime hole16:30-18:30Sanpo