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Public Relations


Outline of Ehime University 2021

Dot-E Report – Ehime University: Present Situation and Future

Dot-E Report - Ehime University Present and Future - 2021

The “Dot-E Report” was created to provide local stakeholders with an overall picture of Ehime University’s initiatives and future developments. It is a university information magazine that conveys the “current status and future of Ehime University.

Dear Dot-E Report Readers
We would appreciate your cooperation in filling out the questionnaire, which will be used as a reference for the next and subsequent editions of this magazine.

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Public Relations Magazine Dot e Folio

Public Relations Magazine Dot e Folio vol 16

The “Dot-E Folio” was born in 2013 as a renamed version of “Line,” which was first published in 1999. The name “folio” is derived from “full of live information on Ehime University,” and it means “to deliver full of live information on Ehime University.
Ehime University, as a center of academia in the local community, will disseminate information on its educational and research activities widely and actively promote the effective use of the University’s intellectual resources in cooperation with the local community.
By informing the public of a wealth of information on campus through our PR magazine, we aim to contribute to the creation and development of local culture and to create a university that is loved and familiar to the local community.

Dot-E Map

This is a map of Ehime University’s three campuses: Johoku, Shigenobu, and Tarumi.
Information on educational and research facilities in the prefecture as well as operating hours of on-campus facilities such as the cafeteria are also available.
*Information as of April 2022.

Ehime University “Hello from the Lab!

Ehime University’s “Hello from the Laboratory!” broadcast on the radio. is edited as a book. The series is published from vol.1 for 2006 to vol.10 for 2015. Please purchase them at bookstores nationwide.



Ehime University Video Channel” on YouTube

Ehime University has established a channel on YouTube to introduce various videos of Ehime University’s educational and research activities.


Ehime University Facebook page. It provides various news, event information, and other campus information.


This is the official account of Ehime University. It provides information on various news and events.


This is the official account of Ehime University. It provides a sense of the daily life of students, with information provided by students.

Ehime University Social Media Guidelines

 Ehime University National University Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “the University”) Ehime University (hereinafter referred to as “the University”) has established the following “Ehime University Social Media Guidelines (hereinafter referred to as “the Guidelines”)” for the proper use of social media by the University’s faculty, staff and students. Ehime University Corporation (“Ehime University”) has established the following “Ehime University Social Media Guidelines (hereinafter referred to as the “Guidelines”)” for the proper use of social media by faculty, staff and students.
 When using social media, please be aware that you are a faculty member, staff member, or student of the University, and act responsibly and in accordance with these guidelines.

  1. What is Social Media?
    Social media means Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LINE, and other services that use the Internet to facilitate communication among users.

  2. scope (of a document)
    These guidelines apply to the use of social media by faculty, staff, and students of the University, whether public or private.

  3. basic principle
    1. compliance (with laws and ordinances)
      The student must comply with the laws and regulations of Japan, the various rules and regulations of the University, and the laws and regulations of the country in which he or she lives, as well as international laws and regulations when overseas.
      The user must understand the terms of use and characteristics of each service before using it.
    2. respect for human rights
      Do not infringe on the rights or interests of others, including fundamental human rights, portrait rights, privacy rights, copyrights, and trademark rights.
    3. Respect for Others
      Do not transmit content that is libelous, discriminatory, obscene, or otherwise offensive to public order and morals.
      The content related to the personal information, portrait, privacy, etc. of others must be sent out only after obtaining the consent of the person concerned or the person concerned.
    4. Accurate information dissemination
      Do not transmit false, uncertain, or misleading information that may damage the reputation and credibility of yourself or the University.
      I have an idea.
      Do not send out a message without first confirming its contents before sending it out.
    5. duty of confidentiality
      Do not transmit confidential information obtained in the course of your student life or duties.
    6. Privacy Protection
      Recognize that once information is transmitted on the network, it cannot be completely deleted.
      The privacy settings should be appropriate for the purpose of use of the various services.
      The company shall properly manage anti-virus measures, login names, and passwords for the terminals used.
    7. Disclaimer statement
      When using the service after identifying yourself as a faculty member, staff member, or student of the University, or when sending information about the University, you must clearly state that the content is your personal opinion and does not represent the position or views of the University.

  4. Creation of Ehime University related accounts
    When a department, club, or club, etc. on campus creates an account claiming to be “Ehime University,” it is not required to report to the university, submit documents, or take any other form of application. Please operate your account in accordance with these guidelines. However, if the University discovers any activity that violates these guidelines, the University will request that the account be withdrawn after an investigation by the University.

  5. contact information (for inquiries) (e.g. corporate phone number)
    Public Relations Division, General Affairs Department, Ehime University
    tel/fax 089-927-9022/9052

About application for interviews and filming (for media)

If you would like to request Ehime University to conduct an interview, etc., please contact the general affairs team of the department or other organization to which the subject of the interview belongs, and then fill out the application form.

*For information on extracurricular activities of students, please contact the Student Life Support Division of the Education and Student Support Department.
*For information on faculty members, please refer to the “Education and Researchers Directory”.

For inquiries about interviews and filming, please contact

Department Name Team in Charge Phone number FAX number
faculty of law and literature General Affairs Team, Faculty of Law and Literature (089)927-9203 (089)927-9211
faculty of education School of Education Administration Team (089)927-9371 (089)927-9395
Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation Faculty of Social and Creative Studies General Affairs Team (089)927-8927 (089)927-9287
Faculty of science Faculty of Science General Affairs Team (089)927-9541 (089)927-9550
Faculty of Medicine / Faculty of Medicine Hospital Planning and Public Relations Team, General Affairs Division, School of Medicine (089)960-5943 (089)960-5131
Faculty of Engineering, Center for Experimental and Practical Education Engineering Administration Team (089)927-9676 (089)927-9679
department of agriculture Faculty of Agriculture General Affairs Team (089)946-9803 (089)977-4364
United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences Team (089)946-9910 (089)943-5242 
an attached high school Annexed High School Team (089)946-9051 (089)977-8458 
Affiliated school (Mochida area) Annex School (Mochida) Team (089)913-7840  
Education and Student Support Organization  General Affairs Team, Education Planning Division  (089)927-9152  (089)927-8100 
Organization for Promotion of Social Collaboration Social Collaboration Planning Team, Social Collaboration Division  (089)927-8145 (089)927-8820 
Organization for the Promotion of Advanced Research and Science  Research Planning and Strategy Team, Research Support Division  (089)927-8144  (089)927-8905 
Organization for the Promotion of International Collaboration  General Affairs Team, International Relations Division  (089)927-9162  (089)927-8967 
library  General Affairs Team, Library Administration Division  (089)927-8835  (089)927-8847 
museum    (089)927-8293   (089)927-9025 
Comprehensive Health Center  General Health Center Office  (089)927-9192 (089)927-9196 
Women’s Future Development Center  Women’s Future Development Center  (089)927-8602  (089)927-8602

For inquiries about interviews and filming related to student extracurricular activities, please contact

Department Name Team in Charge Phone number FAX number
Education and Student Support Division
Student Life Support Division
Extracurricular Education Support Team (089)927-9165 (089)927-9171