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University, Undergraduate and Graduate School Guides

Ehime University Guidebook

Ehime University is the largest university in Shikoku with approximately 10,000 students in seven faculties (Law and Letters, education,Collaborative Regional Innovation , science, medicine, engineering, and agriculture), six graduate schools, and one interdisciplinary university.

The Ehime University Guidebook and undergraduate (graduate school) guidebooks for prospective students, which include information on educational content and entrance examinations, are available in digital pamphlet format.

*The information in the “Entrance Examination Classification for the 2023 Entrance Examination” (page 78) is current as of June 1, 2022, and may be subject to change in the future. Please refer to the Admission Information page for the latest information.

undergraduate (course, program, etc.)

faculty of law and Letters

People who create a living society People who create a living culture

Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Faculty of education

Be a teacher who grows up fast.

School Teacher Training Course

Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation

Learning with the community, and moving into the future with the community.

Department of Industrial Management
Department of Industrial Innovation
Department of Environmental Design
Department of Community Resource Management

Faculty of science

Pioneering the future through science.

department of science

School of Medicine

Medical and Nursing Education that is Close to Patients’ Hearts and Minds

Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Nursing
*The e-book is only available for the Nursing Department.

Faculty of Engineering

Imagine the future. Creating with engineering.

Department of Engineering

Faculty of Agriculture

Become a person who nurtures the future.

Department of Food Production Science
Department of Bioscience
Department of Science and Technology for Biological Resources and Environment

graduate school

Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Society is a highly specialized and knowledgeable
We are looking for experts.

Graduate School of Education

Explore education and further deepen your practical skills

Graduate School of Medicine

Explore education and further deepen your practical skills

Graduate School of Science and Engineering

Beyond the exploration, the expanding world

Graduate School of Agriculture

Multifaceted Quest for a Recycling-Oriented Society

United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences

Aiming for Harmony between People and Nature

Integrated Medical and Agricultural School of Public Health

Nation’s first public health graduate school that integrates medicine and agriculture Established in April 2022.