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Building Society and Culture for the 21st Century

The Faculty of Law and Letters aims to nurture global human resources with the practical ability to open the door to the creation of new values in modern society, based on knowledge of the humanities and social sciences. Through the study and practice of various specialties related to society, law, policy, language, and culture, the Faculty of Law and Letters strives to nurture human resources with a glocal mindset who can contribute to regional and international society by cultivating the intellectual ability to confront the diverse and complex issues of our time with tenacity and flexibility.

Course Outline

Law and Policy Studies Course

Since the various problems of today’s globalized society are closely interrelated, a comprehensive and systematic knowledge of social sciences such as law, political science, and economics is indispensable in order to determine the essence of these problems, determine their causes, and propose solutions to eliminate them. The Law and Policy Studies course, while grounded in the knowledge and analytical methods of these social sciences, also incorporates knowledge from the humanities to reconsider the public nature of modern society and to develop the ability to reconstruct policies under the legal system.

Global Studies Course

In the Global Studies course, we aim to nurture individuals with global practical knowledge who are willing to build collaborative relationships as members of a multicultural society, and who are willing to engage in work that serves as a point of contact between the region and the world from a global perspective rooted in the local community.

Humanities Course

Humanities is a multifaceted inquiry into the values of culture and society as formed by human beings from a global perspective, based on diverse academic knowledge of thought, history, literature, art, people, language, etc., and a multifaceted exploration of the diverse aspects of society and community from a realistic and multilateral perspective. By acquiring a deep knowledge of the humanities, intelligence, and the ability to think logically, students in the Humanities Course cultivate the intellectual ability (competency) to continue learning throughout their lives, the knowledge and skills required in today’s globalized society, and the practical ability to utilize these skills. By doing so, we aim to nurture individuals who can think and act independently in line with the essence of human culture and society in any environment, and contribute to the realization of a new culture and society.

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