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List of Student Project Research

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Ehime University Student Research Project (Project E)

Ehime University ‘s vision is to “produce more talented people with problem-solving and leadership skills in the region,” and the ” Ehime University Survey and Research Project (Project E)” is one of the initiatives to foster such human resources.

 This initiative has been in place since 2000, and the university provides financial support to students who voluntarily conduct research (e.g., research that they have always wanted to conduct, that will enhance their campus life at the university, or that will contribute to the community).

 Through survey and research activities that emphasize students’ independence and initiative, the goal is for students to acquire survey and research methods as well as an attitude of independent learning and an attitude of clearly asserting their own opinions at presentations of research results, etc. Students carry out their projects after consultation with their supervisors. The students submit a report on their research results and present their findings at an open research results presentation.

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 One project that has attracted public attention is the “Matsuyama Shiroyama Nature Observation Map,” which was created and donated to Matsuyama City and received a letter of appreciation from the mayor of Matsuyama City for its contribution to the promotion of tourism.