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Management Information Analysis Office

Greetings from the Director

The purpose of the Management Information Analysis Office is to strengthen the IR (Institutional Research) function by collecting and analyzing information and issues related to the university as a whole from a cross-sectional and bird’s-eye view, and to help the president make flexible decisions and formulate policies.

To this end, we have established and visualized E-TOPICs (Ehime university Target-Oriented Performance Indices), which are internal indicators related to matters considered particularly important for the university’s management strategy. In collaboration with Hiroshima University, the University of Tokushima, Yamaguchi University, and Shimane University, we have also established external indicators called C-KPIs (Common Key Performance Indicators).

Noriaki Mitsuda, General Manager, Management Information Analysis Office


  • For faculty performance management, the faculty performance evaluation system (E-PAS) was introduced. (2020.11.2)
  • The Educator’s and Researcher’s Handbook has been renewed. (2021.4.1)

Regulations, etc.

To the Faculty of Ehime University

 The Faculty Performance Evaluation System (E-PAS) was introduced in 2020, replacing the Faculty Performance Information System and the Faculty Self-Evaluation Form Web Entry System. All faculty members are encouraged to actively register their achievements on E-PAS.

 Please note that E-PAS does not automatically import faculty achievements from external databases such as researchmap, etc., but requires that you do so manually.

 The information registered in E-PAS will be reflected in the E-Researcher Handbook the next day through an automatic nightly batch. If the information is not reflected after a few days, please contact the Management Information Analysis Office.

System Guide (on-campus only)

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Management Information Analysis Office