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Ehime University leaders School

Ehime University leaders School (ELS)

The ELS is an educational and support initiative for students who have the potential to become human resources with leadership skills while in school and after graduation. Through the four programs listed below, ELS has been continuously implemented since 2007, with the aim of promoting students’ personal growth and helping them learn leadership skills that contribute to the revitalization of the university and society through both classroom lectures and practical training.

  1. ELS Seminar
    Students systematically learn leadership theories and skills in the Ehime University leaders School, a common education development course.
  2. Courses about ELS
    Common Education Development Courses “Global Leadership I”, “Global Leadership II”, “Facilitation and Leadership (EFL)”, etc.
  3. Attendance at various training programs, etc.
    Student Leaders Summer School, Leadership Challenge, etc. conducted by the University of the West Japan Student Leaders School (UNGL)
  4. ELS/EFL Project
    Projects planned by students themselves to put into practice the theories and knowledge they have acquired, and projects implemented in cooperation with local communities such as prefectures and municipalities, and with partner universities overseas.

ELS Goals

Through attending ELS

  1. Be able to solve various problems in your organization (classes, seminars, clubs, etc.) and grow as a person through this experience
  2. Collaborate with students who have not yet taken ELS to revitalize their organizations
  3. Contribute to the international and local communities through leadership after graduation

Upon successful completion of the prescribed requirements, the ELS will issue a ” Ehime University leaders License,” which is recognized by the ELS.