Prospective Students


Undergraduate Students

In order to be admitted as an undergraduate student, fluency in Japanese is required because class instruction is in Japanese. 
 If you are interested in applying, please go to our Japanese website

Admission Information (Japanese only)

Graduate Students

Ehime University offers several graduate courses with instruction in English. Please go to the following sites to get more information.  The application process varies slightly with each course so be careful to read the directions carefully.

Graduate School of Agricultural Science (Master’s program)

 Graduate School of Science and Engineering (Master’s and doctoral programs)
 Online-based Special Selection for September 2022 Admission
 Primary Recruitment for September 2021 / April 2022 Admission
 Online-based Selection with a Flexible Schedule for September 2022 Admission
 Online-based Selection with a Flexible Schedule for September 2021 / April 2022 Admission
 Secondary Recruitment for April 2021 Admission(Application Closed)

United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences (Doctoral Program)

Other graduate school programs are taught in Japanese and the entrance exam will be in Japanese.

Exchange Students

We have student exchange agreements with a wide range of universities.
For more information go here

If you want to apply as an exchange student you must apply through the international office of your university. 
For more information go here.

Short-term Study Programs

Tuition & Expenses

Scholarships and Financial Support

Scholarships(Japanese only)Tuition Exemption(Japanese only)
For students with excellent academic records and for whom payment of
tuition fees is recognized as an economic hardship, a program has been
established exempting them from payment of tuition(all or half)or
allowing a postponement of payment.