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Ehime University from the data

Introduction to Ehime University

Did you know? Ehime University is the largest university in Shikoku.

Ehime Normal School, Matsuyama High School, Ehime Normal School for Young Men, and Niihama Technical College were established in 1876, and in 1949, the University was established as a new national university with the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Education, and the Faculty of Engineering.

In 1954, the Faculty of Agriculture was established based on Matsuyama Agricultural College, and in 1973, the Faculty of Medicine was newly established. It is the largest university in Shikoku with an enrollment of approximately 10,000 students.

On this site, we will tell you about life in Matsuyama and student life for those of you who are aiming to study at Ehime University.

Diverse learning in 7 faculties and 6 graduate schools

List of faculties and graduate schools

Number of students Approx. 10,000
[Undergraduate students…7,996 Graduate students…1,105]

Percentage of undergraduate students enrolled by gender

Male students … 4,767 (59.6%)
Female students … 3,229 (40.4%)

Breakdown of 2021 Admissions by Place of Birth (Undergraduate)

Ehime Prefecture … 766 (42.1%)
Shikoku other than Ehime Prefecture: 189 (10.4%)
China … 519 (28.5%)
Kinki … 153 (8.4%)
Kyushu … 65 (3.6%)
Chubu … 59 (3.3%)
Kanto … 47 (2.5%)
Hokkaido … 12 (0.7%)
Tohoku … 1 (0.1%)
Others … 7 (0.4%)

Career Progress (Undergraduate)

Employment…1,359 (73.3%)
Going on to higher education…376 (20.3%)
Others…119 (6.4%)

Employment by District (Faculty)

1,359 employed
Ehime Prefecture … 529 (38.9%)
Other Shikoku … 98 (7.2%)
China … 259 (19.1%)
Kanto … 215 (15.8%)
Kinki … 171 (12.6%)
Kyushu … 45 (3.3%)
Chubu … 32 (2.4%)
Others…10 (0.7%)

*From “Outline of Ehime University 2021” as of May 1, 2021

Matsuyama, a livable town

Choosing a university is choosing a lifestyle! Living in Matsuyama is full of charm.

Ehime University is located in Matsuyama City, the capital of Ehime Prefecture. It is a wonderful city with many tourist attractions such as Matsuyama Castle, Dogo Hot Springs, and the Museum of Cloud Over the Hill. By the way, many people may be thinking about living alone in Matsuyama for the first time after entering university! Some of you may be feeling uneasy. But don’t worry, Matsuyama is a great place to live! It is truly a comfortable city to live in. There are supermarkets and convenience stores around the campus. It is a town full of other points that make life very convenient.

On this page, we will focus on life in Matsuyama and introduce topics of interest to prospective students such as transportation, climate, and fun. Please take a look!

VR Campus Life in Matsuyama

Current Ehime University students who live in Matsuyama will navigate you on Ehime University’s YouTube channel! Want to experience Matsuyama in 360°?


Matsuyama is the gateway to Shikoku. No need to worry about going home or traveling!

Matsuyama City is a compact city, so transportation is very good! Limousine buses are available from JR Matsuyama Station and Matsuyama City Station to Matsuyama Airport and Matsuyama Kanko Port. If you want to go far away from the city, you can easily return home or travel by using low-cost airlines. And while you are still a student, you can use the student discount when using public transportation, so you should go while you still can!


Ehime University is located in the city center. Classes, clubs, and part-time jobs are all by bicycle!

Bicycles are essential for Ehime University students. It takes only 5 minutes from the Johoku Campus, the main campus, to the center of the city. Whether you want to relax with friends between classes or get a part-time job at a popular store, you can make your university life more fulfilling with just a bicycle.


Life in Matsuyama is easy on the wallet.

When it comes to living in Japan, money is the main concern. Ehime’s rent is very low compared to other prefectures in Japan, and is less than one-third the price of Tokyo, which has a high rent rate. It is one of the cheapest prefectures in Japan in terms of overall cost of living, making it safe for students to live alone.


The people and the temperature are warm. A friendly town with rich tourism resources.

Matsuyama City ranks second in Japan for the number of sunny days per year (2010) and has few natural disasters. The weather is pleasant throughout the year, and there is no need to worry about heat or cold. Perhaps due to such climatic conditions, the people of Matsuyama are always calm. You will hear the Iyo dialect spoken in a relaxed manner. Matsuyama developed as a castle town in the Edo period (1603-1867) and as a city of literature after the Meiji period (1868-1912), and has many tourist resources.


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