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Class Introduction I Report


community medicine
担当教員:Professor Ryuichi Kawamoto, Graduate School of Medicine
対象:third-year student
Survey Exercise in Agriculture, Rural Areas and Fishing Villages
担当教員:Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation Atsushi YAMAFUJI, Lecturer, Keiichiro ISHIKAWA, Assistant Professor
対象:Department of Regional Resource Management sophomore year~.
Bridge Design Competition
担当教員:Faculty of Engineering Yuki Yokoyama Assistant Professor
対象:third-year student
Early Childhood Education Practice
担当教員:Faculty of Education Associate Professor Junji Asakawa, Professor Michiko Aoi
対象:School of Education, 3rd year~.
The World of Art Communication of Numbers and Music
担当教員:Faculty of Education Toshiaki Kusunoki
対象:2nd year~.
Farm Practice I
担当教員:Graduate School of Agriculture, Professor Hideto Ueno
対象:3rd year student, Faculty of Agriculture
Fundamentals of Mathematical Information
担当教員:Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Professor Shinya Matsuura
対象:Faculty of Science, 1st year~.
Thinking Process of Nursing III
担当教員:Akiko Kooka
対象:School of Medicine, 2nd year of Nursing -.
Health and Physical Education 3
担当教員:Faculty of Education Professor Katsuhiro Hino
対象:third-year student
Seminar in Applied English Studies II
担当教員:Chika Takahashi
対象:Sophomore, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Law and Literature~.
Ehime University Leaders School
担当教員:Shinya Murata, Lecturer, Associate Professor Masaki Nakamichi, Associate Professor, Office for Educational Planning And Research
対象:All first-year undergraduate students and above
Steel and Nonferrous Metallurgy
担当教員:Faculty of Engineering Hideaki Sasaki Associate Professor
対象:Third-year students in the Department of Engineering, Faculty of Engineering ~.