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Cutting-edge research infinity

Self-healing to extend the life of infrastructure
Graduate School of Science and Engineering
Associate Professor Keiyu Kawai
専門:Materials Science for Social Infrastructure
Forensic autopsy and postmortem imaging to determine cause of death
Graduate School of Medicine
Professor Asano Migiwa
専門:forensic medicine
How can we co-create a future in which many kinds of people can coexist and co-prosper?
Department of Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation Design, Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation
Associate Professor Rupprecht, Christoph.
専門:Sustainability Science, Global Environmental Studies
Exploration of functional properties of insects as sustainable feed ingredients for fish aquaculture and development of technologies for their utilization.
Graduate School of Agriculture
Professor Takeshi Miura
専門:Fish Physiology
Social Studies Lesson Design for Developing Sovereignty through Cooperation and Collaboration between Schools and Local Communities
Faculty of education
Associate Professor Masayoshi Inoue
専門:Social Studies Pedagogy