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Cutting-edge research infinity

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To the root of the question of existence
faculty of law and Letters
Professor Yoshitaka Yamamoto
What creatures were the common ancestors of land plants?
Graduate School of Science and Engineering
Assistant Professor Hirotaka Kato
専門:Plant Molecular Genetics and Evolutionary Development
Making mini earthquakes in the lab
Geodynamics Research Center (GRC)
Associate Professor Tomohiro Ouchi
専門:mineral physics
Elucidation of the process of sharing objectivity
Faculty of education
Professor Naomichi Yoshimura
専門:Mathematics pedagogy, communication studies
Seeking Sustainability of Development Assistance Effectiveness
faculty of law and Letters
Professor Satoru Mikami
専門:Comparative Politics, International Cooperation
Early detection and prediction of red tide and fish diseases for sustainable aquaculture production
Nanyo Fisheries Research Center, Organization for Promotion of Social Collaboration
Associate Professor Sonoko Shimizu
専門:Aquaculture Environmental Studies
Developing a computer that understands human language
Graduate School of Science and Engineering
Professor Takashi Ninomiya
専門:natural language processing
Environmental design for the development of human resources to work in the regional Japanese language room
Institute for International Relations, Center for International Education
Professor Shino Takahashi
専門:Japanese-language education
Mathematical analysis of “flow”
Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Department of Science and Engineering
Assistant Professor Yuka Teramoto
専門:analysis (mathematical)
Contemporary Art as a Question
Faculty of education
Professor Masao Sasaki
専門:Sculpture and Contemporary Art
Applying data science to understand musculoskeletal systems and develop disease treatments
Proteo-Science Center (PROS), Graduate School of Medicine
Professor Yuki Imai
専門:Molecular Biology, Orthopedics
Elucidation of Space Plasma Explosion Phenomena
Research Center for Space and Cosmic Evolution (RCSCE), Space Plasma Environment Research Division
Lecturer Mitsushi Koji
専門:Space Plasma Physics