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PROS Seminar (February 6th 2024)
2024-02-06 ~ 2024-02-06
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The Proteo-Science Centre announces a PROS Seminar organized by the Division of Malaria Research. Dr. James B Wing from Osaka University will give a lecture titled “Using Mass Cytometry to Track Human Infectious Disease and Vaccine Responses” in English.

This seminar is perfect for those interested in the latest advancements in this field.
We warmly welcome all attendees to this exciting event.

Date & Time

Tuesday February 6th 2024 13:30~14:30


Conference Room, 4th floor of the Proteo-science Centre Building (Johoku Campus)

No pre-registration is needed. Proceed directly to the venue.
Please wear the slippers provided at the entrance. Refrain from attending if unwell.


To obtain additional information, kindly consult the poster below.

PROS Seminar “Using mass cytometry to track human infectious disease and vaccine responses.”(PDF 468KB)


The Proteo-Science Centre, Ehime University


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