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Ehime University Online Winter School, 2023

The Institute for International Relations (IIR) held an online exchange program with students and staff of four foreign universities: Gorontalo State University (Indonesia), English and Foreign Languages University (Hyderabad, India), Sacramento State University and University of Washington Bothell (U.S). The program took place for 2 hours a day between December 12 and 14. With this event we hope to increase the opportunities for on campus international exchange and offer an informal manner for students at partner institution to better get to know our university.

The opening lecture was conducted by Nakagawa Mirai of the Faculty of Law and Letters. By exploring the history of salt trade and fisheries, he pointed out how nationalism can be a trigger to no longer respect “the other” and the start of tragedy. Something which unfortunately is still very much relevant in the present day and age.  
Imaizumi Shinako of the faculty of Law and Letters, followed with a lecture on Japanese Waka Poetry and the Sea.

The second day consisted of a workshop styled lecture on Art inspired by the inland sea, led by Kiyasu Rei of The Museum of Art, Ehime and Adriana Hidding (IIR).

The last day Samy Bouzourène presented on archeological finds from the inland sea. With his presentation he illustrated the dynamic nature of the history of the Seto Inland Sea.
The program was concluded with presentations and discussions by international students of Ehime University, about their questions on Japanese society. In addition a student of Sacramento presented on national parks in the US versus Japan.
With the participation of local and international of Aidai and students from four different foreign institution there was a wide variety in backgrounds and thinking allowing for a real global view on the issues raised in the presentations.

The IIR hopes to continue to offer many opportunities for international exchange on campus.

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