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Exchange meeting between international students and companies was held (International Student Job Placement Promotion Program Office) [Monday, November 13, 2023

On Monday, November 13, 2023, the Office of Job Placement Programs for International Students, Institute for International Relations, held an “Exchange Meeting between International Students and Businesses.

Ltd., Ushio Reinetsu Co., Excel Electronics Corporation, and Sanyo Bussan Corporation from Ehime Prefecture. A total of 26 people attended, including 12 international students from Ehime University, 6 faculty members, and 8 representatives from each company.

First, the companies introduced themselves and explained about their companies, and then the students were divided into four groups for group sessions. The students and the companies then interacted by asking and answering each other’s questions. Participating international students commented, “I was able to gather information about the companies and deepen my understanding of them through interaction with the people in charge, which will be helpful for my job hunting,” and “The actual product samples gave me an image of the company’s business. The companies also commented, “Many of the students had a clear vision for the future, which was very stimulating,” and “I was able to hear the real opinions of the international students about their attitudes toward job hunting.

The exchange event provided an opportunity for international students to get a concrete image of what they would like to do after finding a job, and to learn more about companies in Ehime Prefecture. It was also a good opportunity for the companies to interact with international students, with whom they do not usually have the chance to meet.

This promotion office will continue to nurture global human resources who can play an active role in the local community, as well as support foreign students seeking employment in Japan.

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