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Degree Ceremony, The United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences 【Monday, 18 March】

The degree ceremony for The United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, Ehime University was held at the Faculty of Agriculture on Monday, 18 March 2024. Among those present were the presidents of Ehime University, Kagawa University, and Kochi University.

Doctoral degrees were conferred on 14 students, including eight international students from Myanmar, Ghana, Indonesia, and Thailand.

After the degree certificates and commemorative medals were presented, the president of Kagawa University, UEDA Natsuo, addressed the graduates:

“Research is the process of deeply exploring a given proposition, repeating through trial and error, critically examining the obtained results without preconceptions, and finding universality and generality. The knowledge and experience gained will undoubtedly be useful in your future endeavors within your respective fields.”

Despite the rain the day before, the day of the ceremony day turned out to be cool but sunny. Looking bright and cheerful befitting the clear spring weather, the graduating students gathered for a commemorative photograph. Friends and family also gathered to celebrate their new beginnings.

To all the graduates, we wish you the best in your future career.

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