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Ehime University’s International Students Win Prizes in the “20th International Student Japanese Speech Contest in Ehime 2023” [Sunday, December 3, 2023

On Sunday, December 3, 2023, the 20th Foreign Students’ Japanese Speech Contest in Ehime 2023 was held at the Nankai Broadcasting Honmachi Kaikan. This contest is for international students living in Ehime Prefecture, and this was the 20th time it was held.

This year, 14 international students from 9 countries and regions studying at high schools, technical colleges, junior colleges, universities, and graduate schools in the prefecture entered the contest, and 8 students from Ehime University participated.

The contest was simultaneously broadcast live on Nankai Broadcasting Corporation Radio and Ehime CATV, and was also streamed live worldwide via the Nankai Broadcasting Corporation website.

The audience was filled with laughter and excitement as the contestants gave humorous speeches about what surprised them about coming to Japan, how they studied Japanese, and the differences between their home countries and Japan. The level of the speeches has been getting higher and higher as the contests have been held more and more often, and the judging was very difficult, but three of Ehime University’s contestants were awarded prizes.

After the contest, contestants who had never met each other before took commemorative photos, and contestants and judges mingled with each other, making it a memorable day for contestants, spectators, and management staff.

Ehime University will continue to promote not only support for international students, including Japanese language education, but also efforts toward the internationalization of the campus in cooperation with the local community.

Commemorative photo with contestants

Winners List


country of origin school affiliated with

Grand Prize
Dambrosio Laura Germany Matsuyama Chuo High School

Award of Excellence
Chua Shion Lo Laos Niihama National College of Technology

good piece of work
Tovshinzaya Buchbilegt Mongolia Yuge Merchant Marine Technical College
Ching Kai-shee China Ehime University

Nankai Broadcasting Award
Eunji Choi Korea Matsuyama University

special award
Yushik Kang Korea Ehime University
Sanchez Segura Christel Yvon Mexico Ehime University

FNAN Nankai Broadcasting Listener Award

Malte Richert Germany Matsuyama Minami High School
Dambrosio Laura Germany Matsuyama Chuo High School
Hu-tu. Laos Niihama National College of Technology
Chua Shion Lo Laos Niihama National College of Technology

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