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Vice President Cheng Shui-wei and his delegation from National Taichung University of Science and Technology in Taiwan to Visit President Hiroshige Nishina to Conclude an MoU for Academic Exchange between the Universities [Nov. 20 (Mon.) and 21 (Tue.), 2023]

From Nov. 20 (Mon.) to Nov. 21 (Tue.), 2023, a delegation from Taiwan’s National Taichung University of Science and Technology, including Vice President Zheng Ching-wei, visited Ehime University and concluded an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) for academic exchange agreement with the university.

On November 20th, the group attended the seminar entitled “SDGs Future City Initiatives Learned from Taichung City, Taiwan – Matsuyama City’s Future Vision” hosted by the Matsuyama City SDGs Promotion Council and co-hosted by the Ehime University’s SDGs Promotion Office at our media hall. In the seminar of “To imagine the future” (2nd Matsuyama SDGs Cafe in 2023), Vice President Cheng delivered a lecture on sustainable development efforts in Taiwan and transportation measures as an SDGs future city.

On the afternoon of the following day, the delegation toured Miyuki Student Dormitory and then paid a courtesy visit to President Hiroshige Nishina.

During the courtesy visit, President Nishina gave a greeting and words of welcome first, followed by a greeting from Vice President Chung. Vice President Chung expressed his hope for further development of the relationship between the two universities and for more student exchanges in the future.

Then, the concluding ceremony for the academic exchange MoU between universities was held. This was followed by an exchange of opinions among the participants at the signing ceremony, which served as a forum for exchanging views on specific topics such as the implementation of study abroad programs and the creation of future action plans.

Ehime University shall continue to further promote mutual exchange with National Taichung University of Science and Technology in various fields such as student exchange and joint research.

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