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Vice Chancellor A. S. M. Maksud Kamal of the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh visited Ehime University 【April 22, 2024】

On Monday, April 22, 2024, Professor Dr. A. S. M. Maksud Kamal, Vice Chancellor of the University of Dhaka, and Dr. Md Jahangir Alam, Chair of the Department of Japanese Studies, visited Ehime University and held a meeting with President Nishina Hiroshige, Vice President Mitsunobu Kazuhiro, Director Guo Xinyu and Professor Watanabe Kozo of Center for Marine Environmental Studies (CMES).

The University of Dhaka is a leading university in Bangladesh, and CMES of Ehime University has concluded a faculty-level Memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Dhaka. Since 2021, these two universities have been actively engaged in collaborative research and student-faculty exchanges. At the meeting, Professor Watanabe explained that the two universities have been conducting joint research on the control of antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance in aquaculture and hospital wastewater of Bangladesh. President Nishina then proposed to upgrade the current faculty-level MoU to a university-level MoU, recognizing the high potential for expanding future exchanges and collaborative research across a wide range of faculties and research centers. Additionally, they discussed the establishment of an Ehime University overseas satellite office or the Ehime University and University of Dhaka International Collaborative Research Laboratory (ICRL) at the University of Dhaka, as well as initiating cross-appointments between the two universities for overseas collaborations. Vice Chancellor Kamal expressed a positive willingness to engage with these proposals. The meeting has become an opportunity to promote concrete exchanges in the future.

Ehime University is committed to continuing the promotion of mutual exchanges with the University of Dhaka in various fields, including joint research and the acceptance of international students.

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