The excitement of learning Technology and working with people

Research Overview

Have you ever been absorbed in origami, paper crafts, or playing with blocks in your childhood? I am conducting research to clarify the enjoyment, learning, and growth that comes from engaging in manufacturing. In particular, I am looking at ways to support learning by using computers to assess and analyze skills related to design and fabrication. Manufacturing encompasses a variety of fields and content, including mechanical, processing, information, and electrical. These are still advancing daily as technological innovations occur. We are engaged in daily research with the hope of connecting to the training of teachers at elementary, middle, and high schools who can handle materials, tools, and machines for practical training and experiments.

Research Features

In order to advance research, it is necessary not only to evaluate and analyze the results of education, but also to actually experience and work through manufacturing. By operating the machines and equipment available at Ehime University, students will be able to finish their own ideas as manufactured products.

Manufacturing is done with the involvement of many people. Therefore, being able to connect with researchers, faculty teaching technical education, companies, craftsmen, and others can help us gain new ideas and improve our research.

Research Attraction

Manufacturing knowledge and skills are not easy to acquire. Students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for research by actually operating a variety of machines and tools starting in their first year. It is exhilarating and inspiring when they fabricate individual parts and assemble the parts to complete a product. In addition, observing the completed fabricated products and work procedures, the student’s individuality is well expressed. Although at first glance they may seem far apart, I think the appeal of this research is that it is very human in its pursuit.

Future Outlook

As the words “Made in Japan” and “Japan Quality” suggest, Japanese industry and industry have a proud history and tradition. We will continue our research on creating teaching materials and classes so that students, who are the future leaders of our society, will be interested in and nurture human resources that will lead to further progress.

Message to those who are interested in this research

Dear high school students. Why don’t you apply what you have learned up to high school to manufacturing and human resource development? Having your own interests and special skills from childhood, such as programming and model making, will be a great weapon for your research in this field. Let’s work together on your research at Ehime University, which has excellent facilities.