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Online International Exchange with Three Scandinavian Universities [March 26 (Sat.) and 27 (Sun.), 2022].

On March 26 (Sat.) and 27 (Sun.), 2022, a joint online international exchange meeting was held with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway), Uppsala University (Sweden), and Lund University (Sweden), which are interdepartmental partner universities of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering.

This event was organized by Motoyuki Nobori, Yuri Murakami, Kotaro Shoji, Yosuke Suzuki, and Misato Yasuoka, who are enrolled in the “International Program for Science Communication,” at the Faculty of Science, and they worked together with the Scandinavian students to prepare for the event. Using their experience in holding a similar event last year, the students were able to take the initiative in organizing and managing the event with minimal help from the supporting staff, including Researcher Ruth Vergin of the Faculty of Science, Assistant Professor Adriana Hidding of the Institute for International Relations, and Professors Yasunori Murakami and Masaya Matsuura of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering.

On the first day, Prof. Tamotsu Zako of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering and Prof. Mikael Lindgren of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology gave opening remarks, and on the second day, Prof. Martin Herschend of Uppsala University gave remarks. The program included scientific presentations as well as introductions of each university. From Ehime University, first-year undergraduate students to graduate students, served as presenters and moderators. All student participants deepened understanding with the Scandinavian students and faculty members through oral and chat Q&A sessions.

This online exchange follows one held between the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Ehime University in March 2021. As the number of participating universities increased it became an event among four universities, and we were able to further enhance the content. Kibret Sigstam (Uppsala University), Ruben Hedström (Uppsala University), Victoria Madeleine Bjelland (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Hitomi Ose (Lund University), Arman PourDavani (Lund University) and others helped us from the preparatory stage. We would like to express our deep gratitude to everyone who participated from the three Scandinavian universities. We will continue to make efforts to promote global education, by strengthening our relations with overseas partner schools.

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