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Erna Mayasari, UGAS student, won the best presenter at “THE 4th INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR ON SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGY” 【November 3, 2022】

Erna Mayasari, UGAS student, won the best presenter at THE 4th INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR ON SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGY held online in Indonesia on November 3, 2022.

The title of her presentation wasLow-cost Extraction of Crude Nanocellulose from Musa basjoo using Dilute Alkaline”

Comment from Erna Mayasari

I am extremely proud of Prof Matsue sensei, Dr Satoru Fukugaichi, Dr Erni Johan, and also for myself as team members of Prof Matsue.

We successful got Nanofiber from Musa basjoo by one-step alkali extraction. The extracted crude CNFs had a high aspect ratio, with a minimum fiber diameter of 3.8 nm and contained 71% cellulose I. We aim to produce crude CNF easily and at low-cost so that in the future, it could be applied in various fields, especially for developing countries.

In addition, according to statistics and ILO data (2020) that Indonesia is the third top countries with the largest banana production in the world, more than 7 million tons/year. The more production, the more high-valuable waste material for the nanocellulose source. That is why we consent in Musa basjoo in Japan and the research will be developed in the future with many Indonesia varieties. Hence, Musa basjoo is a promising alternative as a low-cost raw crude cellulose nanofiber source.

The last, I respectfully thank to my supervisor Prof Naoto Matsue; the dean Prof. Hiroki Oue; and The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) for their support in my studies in UGAS, Ehime University.

受賞したErna Mayasariさん
Award-winning Erna Mayasari

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