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Rector Arif Satria from IPB University, Indonesia, visited Ehime University 【March 3, 2023 (Fri.)】

On March 3, 2023, Rector Arif Satria from IPB University, a partner university in Indonesia, visited Ehime University to meet with President Nishina Hiroshige. Besides Rector Arif, the delegation consists of Vice Rector Alim Setiawan, Prof. Yonny Koesmaryono, Academic Senate Chairman, and Ms. Lien Herlina, Director of Program Development and Education Technology.

First, the delegation visited the Graduate School of Agriculture in Tarumi Campus, where they had a meeting with Dean Yamauchi Satoshi, followed by a tour at the Research Center for High-Technology Greenhouse Plant Production guided by Prof. Hato Kenji, Prof. Takayama Kotaro, and Assistant Prof. Fujiuchi Naomichi.The delegation also met with Indonesian students studying at the United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences (UGAS-EU), from where Vice Rector Alim and Dr. Yonny graduated.

The delegation then moved to the University’s headquarter office and engaged in a meeting with President Nishina. The topic of the meeting includes exchanges under the SUIJI(Six-University Initiative Japan-Indonesia) Consortium, possibilities of cooperation on smart agriculture, and future collaborations between the two universities, which was also attended by Vice President Mitsunobu Kazuhiro, Special Assistant to the President Yasuhara Hideaki, Prof. Osamu Kobayashi, Director of Asia-Africa Center, and Dr. Erni Johan.

It is hoped that this visit will be an opportunity to promote exchanges and cooperation between IPB University and Ehime University.

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