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Ehime University Online Winter School of Haiku, Science and Pop

Ehime University held an online exchange program with students of three partner universities: Orenburg State University (Russia), Gorontalo State University (Indonesia) and Sacramento State University (U.S). The program took place for 2 hours a day between December 7 and 9. This program was organized with support from all of the faculties by Assistant Professor Adriana Hidding of the Institute for International Relations.

 The opening lecture was conducted by Associate Professor Aoki Makoto of the faculty of education, who presented about similarities in Haiku and Anime. This was followed by students from the faculty of Science and the faculty of Law and Letters, who presented about student life and poetic places in Ehime. After their presentations the students managed break-out rooms where lively discussions took place.  

 On the second day Associate Professor Shimagami Motoko on behalf of the faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation presented about sustainable society. Assistant Professor Choudhury Emamussalehin of the faculty of Medicine lectured about the immune system and sleep. Professor Itagaki Yoshiteru of the faculty of Engineering presented about the needs for Hydrogen Energy. Associate Professor Goto Rie of SEFREC and the faculty of agriculture introduced the Ainan region of Ehime and the fisheries research which takes place there. The day was concluded with a Japanese chat session and student presentations both by students from Orenburg and Aidai students.

 On the final day of the program Professor Murakami Yasunori of the Science faculty treated the audience with Brain Evolution. While Professor Imaizumi Shinako of the faculty of Law and letters talked about translating sounds in Haiku.
The final session was an interactive poetry session lead by Researcher Ruth Vergin, Professor Imaizumi Shinako and Assistant Professor Adriana Hidding.

Having participants from four different institutions and over 10 countries it was inspiring to see many perspectives, images, feelings as well as similarities.


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