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Ehime University and Nankai Broadcasting System, Inc. signed a partnership agreement (PAL Agreement) on the dissemination of university information, etc. [Tuesday, October 3, 2023

On Tuesday, October 3, 2023, Ehime University and Nankai Broadcasting System, Inc. concluded a cooperative agreement on the dissemination of university information. The purpose of this agreement is to strengthen the system of communication and cooperation between the two parties and to promote information dissemination and exchange.

At the signing ceremony, President Hiroshige Nishina and President & CEO Koji Onishi signed the agreement, and President Onishi presented a radio to President Nishina.

President Nishina said, “Ehime University is engaged in a wide variety of activities, and we believe it is important to disseminate information that is unique to the university in order to gain the understanding of society and the local community. With the conclusion of this agreement, we hope to contribute to the development of the region and local culture while maintaining the freshness and reliability of the information we disseminate.

President Onishi said, “Today’s younger generation is placing more emphasis on time performance, and they are re-evaluating radio, which allows them to listen while they listen. Through this agreement, we aim to increase radio listening opportunities for young people. We also hope to cooperate with Ehime University’s efforts to develop digital human resources and industrial innovation.

Immediately following the signing ceremony, a live radio broadcast was made, immediately bringing President Nishina’s voice to the community.

Ehime University will continue to provide information on its initiatives and events to the local community through Nankai Broadcasting System Radio (F-NAN).

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