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2023 Joint Seminar in Ozu 【September 6-7,2023】

The Joint Seminar for students at the United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, Ehime University (UGAS-EU) was held in Ozu, September 6–7, 2023.

The Joint Seminar, a required subject for UGAS-EU students, is a residential seminar conducted in English. The seminar included a lecture and group work to help students advance their research, and provided a forum for exchange between international students, Japanese students, and faculty members from the constituent universities (Ehime, Kagawa, and Kochi).

The first day of the seminar began with an orientation followed by self-introductions and a lecture by Professor Dennis Murphy on getting a scientific paper published. Students then proceeded with group work in their assigned groups, supported by their group advisor.

On the second day, group presentations were held in which the students presented the results of the discussion of their specified topics and related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The groups summed up their findings very well and gave enthusiastic presentations in an active collaboration between international and Japanese students.

At the completion ceremony, Dean Takuya Sugahara gave a speech, bringing the two-day and one-night Joint Seminar to a close.

The students provided positive feedback, such as “It was a great opportunity to interact with students from different countries” and “The seminar was very meaningful thanks to the meticulous preparation by the teachers and staff.”

UGAS-EU will continue to support research activities by providing opportunities for such co-curricular activities between Japanese and international students.

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