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Important Notice

Internet Application

Implementation of Internet Application

Applications will be accepted through an Internet application site jointly established by five national universities in Shikoku (the University of Tokushima, Naruto University of Education, Kagawa University, Ehime University, and Kochi University).

Click here to apply online.

How to use Ehime University Internet Application [Basic] (video)

How to use the Ehime University Internet Application [Printing the Examination Voucher and Other Documents] (Video)

ImaLog, a site to support higher education

0This is a common “College Advancement Support Site” for the five national universities in Shikoku. This site allows you to record activities you have experienced and ideas about your career path.
zIf you record your address, name, and other information in advance on this “College Preparation Support Site,” you will not have to re-enter them when you apply, and your application to the five national universities in Shikoku will go smoothly.
 Please note that recording on this site is not a prerequisite for application to any of the five national universities in Shikoku.

Overview of Internet Application

User registration on the Internet application site… (1)

Application Information
(faculty/department, subjects to be examined, name, address, telephone number, photo, activity report*, etc.)
Input of (1) and (2)

*Only for candidates who need to submit application documents

Payment of examination fee
[Select from credit card, convenience store, Pay-easy (ATM and Internet banking at Pay-easy-enabled financial institutions)… .
Mailing of application documents・・・・④.
Download Examination Voucher and Contact Information (During the period of downloading examination vouchers) Printing・・・・・・・・⑤.
Take the entrance examination
*Please be sure to bring the printed examination voucher with you on the day of the examination.
Exemption from the examination fee for applicants affected by natural disasters

In order to alleviate the financial burden of those who wish to pursue higher education and to ensure opportunities for those who have been affected by the natural disaster, the following special measures will be taken for the entrance examination to exempt the application fee. If you wish to apply for the waiver of the examination fee, please be sure to contact the “Contact” below before submitting your application.

1. Entrance Examinations for which Exemption is Eligible
Undergraduate and graduate school entrance examinations (including re-entrance and transfer) conducted after the date of application of the Disaster Relief Act (Act No. 118 of 1947) and within the fiscal year that includes the date of application of said Disaster Relief Act.
 See Article 2, Paragraph 2 of the Handling Regulations for Exemption from Examination Fees of Ehime University.

Details of the measure
Full exemption from the examination fee for the relevant entrance examination

Eligibility for exemption
Applicants applying for admission to Ehime University (excluding those applying for admission as research students and non-degree students). (excluding those applying for admission as a research student or non-degree student) who fall under any of the following categories.
(1) A person who is primarily responsible for the applicant’s school expenses (hereinafter referred to as “financial supporter”) (2) In the event that the applicant’s house or home owned by the applicant in an area covered by the Disaster Relief Act has been totally, largely, or partially destroyed or washed away.
(2) When the person who bears the school expenses died or went missing as a result of the disaster in an area covered by the Disaster Relief Act.

4. How to apply
If you wish to be exempted from the application fee, please contact the Admissions Office, Education and Student Support Division, Ehime University before submitting your application.
 If you are determined to be eligible, please submit the prescribed application form with certificates and other documents along with your application documents.

 Please do not pay the “examination fee” at the time of application if you make this application.

5. Documents required for application
1) ” Application for Exemption from Examination Fee” (Download)
 (2) “Certificate of disaster” (for those who fall under (1) of “3.)
 (3) “Documents proving death or disappearance” (for those who fall under (2) of “3.)
 (4) If the certificates, etc. listed in (2) and (3) above cannot be obtained due to unavoidable circumstances, please submit a “Statement of Disaster Situation” (download) explaining the disaster situation.

6. Notification of approval or denial
1) After receiving the application documents, the applicant will be notified by phone of the approval or denial.
 (2) Rejected applicants must pay the examination fee to the designated account by the date specified by the University. After the payment is confirmed, the application will be accepted.

7. Refund of the application fee already paid
Applicants who fall under the category of “3. If you are a student, you may be eligible for a refund of the amount equivalent to the entrance examination fee. Please contact the Admissions Office, Education and Student Support Department, Ehime University for details.

Examination Accommodations, etc.

Ehime University Co-op provides a lodging reservation service.

Link to off-campus site (Ehime University Co-op)

The application for accommodation and payment are transactions between the applicant and the Ehime University Co-op.

Please feel free to contact us at

Admissions Division, Education and Student Support Department, Ehime University

3, Bunkyo-cho, Matsuyama, 790-8577, Japan