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About the Information Disclosure System

Flow of Information Disclosure Procedures

1. Inquiries and consultation regarding disclosure requests

We recommend that you first contact the Public Information Office when making a request for access to information. Depending on the nature of the request, we may be able to respond by providing information in our publications. In this case, no disclosure fee is required, and in some cases, information can be obtained on the spot.

2. Submission of disclosure request form, payment of disclosure request fee, and decision on disclosure or nondisclosure

To request disclosure, please submit the prescribed ” Request Form for Disclosure of Corporate Documents ” to the Information Disclosure Office.
At that time, a disclosure request fee of 300 yen per corporate document must be paid.

Upon receipt of a written request for disclosure, the University will identify the relevant documents by contacting the relevant university departments, etc., and will consider the decision to disclose or not to disclose, etc., in light of the criteria.

In response to the request, the University will make a decision within 30 days from the date of the request whether to “disclose all or part of the corporate documents” or “not disclose all of the corporate documents.

However, if it is difficult to make a disclosure decision, etc. within 30 days due to administrative difficulties or other justifiable reasons, the deadline may be extended for up to 30 days.

In either case, the claimant will be notified in writing.

3. Submission of a request for disclosure implementation method, payment of disclosure implementation fee, and implementation of disclosure

When notified of the decision to disclose, the applicant is required to submit a request using the “Request for Disclosure Implementation Method” within 30 days from the date of notification of the decision to disclose, in principle.

The disclosure may be conducted by inspecting the relevant documents at the University, or by obtaining a copy of the document (the requestor may send a copy by mail at his/her own expense).

A prescribed disclosure fee must be paid before disclosure is conducted.

Payment of Disclosure Request Fee and Disclosure Implementation Fee

Payment of the fee should be made by one of the following methods
Transfer to a financial institution designated by the University
Cash payment at the Information Disclosure Office of the University
Payment by registered cash envelope
*The disclosure implementation fee may be reduced or waived upon application due to financial hardship.

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