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Procurement and Contract Information

The following procurement-related information on Ehime University is released.

Information on procurement and contracts

Procurement Information
Contract Information
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Ehime University Contract Handling Regulations (Excerpt)

Chapter 6: Contracts at Will

(When a negotiated contract can be used)

Article 34. A contract may be made by negotiated contract when the contract falls under any of the following items

  1. (2) When the nature or purpose of the contract does not permit competition.
  2. (2) In case of urgency and when competition is not feasible.
  3. (2) When it is considered disadvantageous to submit the bid to competition.
  4. When making a contract whose estimated price does not exceed 5,000,000 yen.
  5. If no bidders are found after a competitive bidding process, or if no successful bidders are found after a second bidding process.
  6. If the successful bidder does not enter into a contract.
  7. When contracting with the national or local government.
  8. When contracting in a foreign country.
  9. In addition to the preceding items, when it is necessary in the course of business.

2 In the negotiated contract stipulated in item 5 of the preceding paragraph, except for the contract deposit and performance period, the schedule price and other conditions set at the time of the initial competition may not be changed.

3 In the negotiated contract stipulated in Paragraph 1, Item 6, the terms and conditions stipulated at the time of the initial competitive bidding may not be changed, except for the time limit on the amount of the successful bid.

(Publication of negotiated contracts)

Article 34-2 Out of the negotiated contracts concluded pursuant to the provisions of the preceding article, contracts that are the cause of expenditure and whose estimated price exceeds 5 million yen (excluding those that fall under specified procurement contracts and those that require the corporation’s acts to be kept secret). (2) When the JBIC concludes a contract (excluding a contract that falls under a specified procurement contract and a contract that requires the confidentiality of the actions of the JBIC), the JBIC shall publicly announce the following matters on its website within 72 days from the day following the day of conclusion

  1. Name and quantity of goods or services for the negotiated contract
  2. Date the contract was signed
  3. Name and address of the counterparty to the contract
  4. Contract amount
  5. Reason for using a negotiated contract
  6. Other necessary matters

(2) The period of public announcement stipulated in the preceding paragraph shall be until one year has elapsed from the day following the date of conclusion of the contract.

Consultation and Reporting Desk for Misconduct

For fraud inquiries, please contact

Consultation service on fraud (consultation on fraudulent activities such as deposits, fictitious orders, etc., and consultation on contracts)

Financial Planning Section, Finance Department

Tel (089)927-9051 Fax (089)927-9068


Contact for reporting misconduct (reporting of deposits, fictitious orders, and other misconduct)

Director of General Affairs

Tel (089)927-9010 Fax (089)927-9025


Neither the whistleblower nor any related parties will be treated unfairly as a result of reporting misconduct.

Comprehensive point of contact for inquiries about public procurement

For inquiries about public procurement, please contact

Goods, services, etc.

Finance Department Accounting and Procurement Section
Team Leader, Procurement Team 1

Tel (089)927-8880

Public sector demand, government procurement related

Public demand consulting staff, government procurement consulting staff
Manager, Accounting and Procurement Section, Finance Department

Tel (089)927-8870

Procurement relationships for medical technology products and services

Procurement Manager for Medical Technology Products and Services
Manager, Accounting and Procurement Section, Finance Department

Tel (089)927-8870

Chief, Division of Business Administration, School of Medicine

Tel (089)960-5140

Construction work, design consulting services, public sector procurement

Facilities Planning Section, Facilities Infrastructure Department
Facility Administration Team Team Leader

Tel (089)927-9101