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Publication of Educational Information

Ehime University will publicly announce information on its educational and research activities, etc., as follows, in accordance with Article 172-2 of the Enforcement Regulations of the School Education Law.

1 Information on the status of education and research activities, etc.

(1) Philosophy and goals (regarding the educational and research objectives of the university)

(2) Faculty and organizational structure

Matters related to the basic organization for education and research

(3) Class and research content and other faculty information

Matters concerning the organization of the faculty, the number of faculty members, and the degrees and achievements held by each faculty member

(4) Information on entrance examinations, career paths, etc.

Admission policy and number of students admitted, admission capacity and number of students enrolled, number of students who have graduated or completed their studies, and number of students who have gone on to higher education.

(5) Curriculum

Matters related to class subjects, methods and contents of classes, and annual class plans

(6) Degree Conferral Policy

(3) Evaluation of the results of study and the standards for graduation or completion of studies

(7) Campus facilities and maintenance, voluntary student activities

Matters related to the educational and research environment for students, including school land, school buildings, and other facilities and equipment

Student Support Facilities

Student voluntary activities

(8) Expenses and financial support

Matters related to tuition, admission fees, and other fees charged by the university

(9) Support for extracurricular activities, employment support, and counseling services

(Matters related to the support provided by the university to students in their studies, career choices, and mental and physical health, etc.)

Awards and Support Programs by the University

2 Information on knowledge and abilities to be acquired by students in accordance with educational objectives