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Publication of teacher training information

In response to growing social demands to improve the quality of teachers and further enhance teacher training, Ehime University established the Comprehensive Center for Teaching in November 2010 to oversee the university-wide teacher training program with the aim of fostering high-quality teachers. The entire university is involved in organized efforts.

(1) Philosophy and Goals

(2) Matters related to the goals of teacher training and plans for achieving said goals

(2) Organization and faculty information related to teacher training

(I) Organization and number of faculty members, degrees held by each faculty member, and accomplishments related to faculty development

(II) Courses Taught by Each Faculty Member (Courses offered in 2021)

*Please refer to the Educational Researcher Handbook orreseachmap, etc., for information on faculty members’ achievements.

Courses other than the above (by faculty and graduate school)

(3) Course of study

(2) Matters related to class subjects, methods and contents of classes for each class subject, and annual class plans for teacher training

Courses related to teacher training (applicable to students admitted in 2021)