Campus Guide

Faculty of Law and Letters
  • Faculty of Law and Letters Main Building
Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Education Main Building
  • Faculty of Education Building No.2
  • Faculty of Education Building No.3
  • Faculty of Education Building No.4
Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation
  • Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation
Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Science Main Building
  • Faculty of Science Annex 2
  • Faculty of Science Lecture Hall
Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Engineering Main Building
  • Faculty of Engineering Building No.1
  • Faculty of Engineering Building No.2
  • Faculty of Engineering Building No.3
  • Faculty of Engineering Building No.4
  • Faculty of Engineering Building No.5
  • Engineering Laboratory Building
Other campus facilities
  • Library
  • University Museum
  • Ehime University Shop Emica
  • Alumni Association Hall,Casual Restaurant maple
  • Memorial Hall
  • Aidai Muse
  • Lecture Hall A
  • Lecture Hall B
  • Lecture Hall C
  • Green Hall
  • General Education Building (North Annex)
  • General Education Building
  • Emika kids(nursery school)
  • Student Services Station
  • Job Search Support Division
  • SHS (Sexual Harassment Counseling Office)
  • Peer@Cafe (Student-run student support office)
  • Seikyo shop Himeka
  • Seikyo Cafeteria
  • Seikyo CO-STA
  • The University of the Air Ehime Study Center
University Administration
  • General Affairs Department (General Affairs Division, Corporate Planning Division, Personnel Division, Administrative Office for the President, Public Relations Division)
    Financial Planning Division( Financial Affairs Department)
    Research Support Department (Research Support Division)
    Facility Infrastructure Department (Facility Planning Division, Facility Improvement Division, Safety and Environmental Division)
    Foundation Office,Office of Emergency Management, Auditing Office
  • Staff Building
  • Education and Student Support Department (Educational Planning Division, Educational Support Division, Center for Teacher Education Administration Office, Student Life Support Division)
  • Ehime University Alumni Association(EUAA)Office
  • Education and Student Support Department ( Skills Development Office), Workplace Environment Improvement Office
  • Financial Affairs Department(Financial Management and Contract Division),Education and Student Support Department (Admission Division)
  • Collaborative Relations Support Department
  • International Relations Support Department
Common Campus Education and Research Facilities
  • Center for General Education
    Center for Student Affairs (1F)
  • English Education Center
    Office for Educational Planning And Research (2F)
    Health Services Center (1F)
    Research Center for Asian Archaeology of Industry and Culture (3F)
    Admissions Center for Shikoku National Universities (3F)
  • Admission Center (2F)
  • Center for Teacher Education
  • Innovative Education Center for Science and Technology
  • Center for Information Technology
  • Center for Marine Environmental Studies (CMES)
    Geodynamics Research Center (GRC)
    Research Center for Space and Cosmic Evolution (RCSCE)
  • Proteo-Science Center (PROS)
  • Advanced Research Support Center (Division of Material Science)
  • Advanced Research Support Center (Division of Applied Protein Reserch)
  • Intellectual Property Center
    Center for the Promotion of Industry/University Cooperation
    Research Center for Regional Collaboration
    Center of Disaster Management Informatics Research
    Office for Collaborative Relations Planning
  • Archaeological Research Center (ARC)
  • Office for Management Information and Analysis
    Self-evaluation Filing Office
    Research Coordination and Technical Development Office
    Academic Planning Office

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